What are you collection plans for 2016?

With the end of 2015 just around the corner, and also the secret santa coming up soon, I thought now would be an appropriate time to ask the question, where is your collection headed in 2016? Anyone taking part in the secret santa if you want a more personalised gift then maybe post here and let people know what sort of things you collect without having to make a whole collection thread :blush:

As for me, and what I have got towards them already,
JP shinings in 9+ 4/9
JP 1ed Crystals in 9+ 2/9
PLAY! Promos in 9+ no esp/umb, halfway atm
Gold star set mix of 1ed and unl 6/27
Also need to backtrack with JP FA cards from XY3-1 as I never got round to going backwards from when I started past phantom gate
So hopefully a big year for me coming up, share what you want for your 2016!

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Finish off my 1ED Shining set, need Charizard, Kabutops, Gyarados and Magikarp
Finish off my Crystal set, need Kingdra, Nidoking, Celebi, Crobat and Kabutops
Finish off my 1ED Base set, need Clefairy and Mewtwo


need 1st ed shining zard (fuck)
need crystal zard (fuck) crobat celebi hooh
need to polish off expedition
need to polish of quite a few sets im really close to
need zard star (fuck) need mew star

At my current rate if I can get half that done it will have been a productive year


Complete my 1st edition Japanese PSA 10 old school ex Set. ( Getting close I think )
Complete 1st edition shadowless Base set in PSA 10
Pretty much gonna be hard enough to do that second one by 2018…

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Looks like some expensive secret santa gifts above me…

To continue on that trend I am looking to continue adding to my sealed booster collection as well as work towards opening a booster of every set.

I am also working on completing NM/M sets of every set since the beginning. Early focus was on WOTC, but I am very far along in that (less skyridge, legendary, and base 1st as I haven’t gotten those boxes yet). All XY masters have been completed since they came out as I buy those by the case.

Some cheaper, easier things I am looking to add are adding to my PSA 9 collection of all WOTC as well as anything else I find interesting from all Pokemon sets. Most of my interest is in the starters and their evolution lines, and the original 251.

My goals are pretty simple.

  1. Bandit Ring complete in PSA 10 (only need that damn Trainers Mail)
  2. Mewtwo FA collection in PSA 10 (missing both regular FA from Blue Impact and the UR from Red Flash)
  3. Rage of the Broken Heavens PSA 10 set? Depends on the cards.
  4. Various PSA 10 FA cards in Japanese 1st Edition.
  5. Any Lucario/Metagross/Bulbasaur cards I can get my hands on.

I don’t expect any of these to be fulfilled by Secret Santa. I love personalised gifts that mean something to the people that send them too.

Entei Entei and Entei

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This wasn’t intended to be geared towards secret santa specifically don’t think it was! I was just saying if you notice something then maybe you could use it for a gift.

Complete my PSA Base Set Blastoise set. I’m trying to get it in every language (1st and unlimited). I still need dutch, german, french and korean unlimited. Of course the Korean unlimited will take the longest but I’d be willing to pay a pretty penny for it

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That is a big thing I definitely want to do, but am stuck with the same dilemma of how I will go about doing it and what version of each card I will choose. Hopefully in 2016 I can settle on how to go about it and get it started.

As for my plans, since I’m still fairly new to collecting…
* Finish my PSA 9 1st Edition Shining set (half way done!)
* Finish my PLAY Promo mint+ collection (Only need the Gold Stars and the Mews)
* Finish my Mew (94% done) and Latios/Latias (80% done) mint collection.
* PSA 10 2002 JR Rally Collection.
* Continue collecting random cards that interest me. :blush:

My plans for 2016 are:

* Finish of the 1st Edition Base Set in PSA 10 until the point where i only have the charizard to left, then i’ll see what to do

* Finish of my Masaki Promo Set in PSA 10

* Continue searching for Korean Base Set cards

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  • PSA 10 Masaki Set (1 more needed)
  • PSA 10 JP Shining Neo 4 Set (3 more needed)
  • PSA 10 Fan Club Set ( Magikrp needed)
  • PSA 10 Brock’s Mudkip/ May’s Torchic

Getting the TMB phone set was going to be one but I actually finished that in the nick of time befor 2015 is up :grin:

And a part of me wants to try to get all the rare PCG-P promos in 10s too :open_mouth:


Hmm…I collect new FA/SR from BW-XY and the EX series for anyone interested :blush:

-Renew my PSA membership and grade the 45+ cards I need to
-Complete Japanese Clash of the Blue Sky (need 2 cards) plus grade the 2 gold stars I haven’t already (Latios 1ED, Ray)

I don’t exactly have too many defined goals as of now. I’ll probably continue pursuing the Japanese EX series and whatever new sets are released. Hoping for some new sets/mechanics to come out, and hoping for a new main-series game this coming year.


Hm… Here are a few of my goals:

Complete 2010 Lottery Promo Set (Ho-oh/Lugia/Raikou left)
Collect 1st ED JP Crystal Ho-oh/Lugia/Celebi (Legends of my favorite Generation x3)

And the biggest hurdle…Getting my hands on a PLAY Umbreon :<

Keep Calm & Espeon
was gonna post a pic of this but too lazy right now

Why change what works?


To try and collect as many of these art academy cards I can 7-22 so far :blush:


Finish off my English Collection (not counting Reverses). That way I can start working on Reverse Sets from the Ex Era and Japanese stuff… Not missing a ton. For the most part commons, uncommons, and non-holo rares from some certain sets.

1st Edition Base Set- is going to be a bitch as I want atleast a PSA-9 of EVERY Card. 10’s would be better
1st Edition Neo Destiny/Aquapolis/Skyridge… Yeah… Probably going to save these for last.

Pick up the Japanese Gold Stars that I’m still missing (After PSA-10’s)…
Obtain a PSA-10 English FA Charizard + Mega Charizard X Ex #69… Still missing these 2 for a PSA-10 Charizard Set from Flashfire.

I also want to start buying 1st Edition WOTC Holographics. I own some but want to complete all of the sets. Some of these will cost a bit…


I’m really hoping to finish off my PSA 10 English Crystal set by the end of the year. Just need that Celebi to have that all done with.
Then the bulk of 2016 will be focused on getting these PSA 10s checked off my list:
Fan Club Eevee and Porygon
Masaki Gengar, Machamp, and Golem
English POP Series Ho-Oh ex, Celebi ex, and Deoxys ex
Coro coro Shining Mew

So I’m mostly looking for Japanese cards this coming year. I also need a PSA 9 Prerelease Clefable. It’s not going to be an easy year but the fun is in the challenge I guess :blush: