Plans for your Collection in 2014

What are your plans this year as far as your Pokemon card collection goes, what do you want to accomplish?

Would really love to get my PSA 10 English Crystal set finished.
I am also trying to collect every X/Y Japanese Promo that comes out, and so far I have all of them besides the Garchomp EX, so I am hoping to keep that up.


My plans is to have my Pokemon card collection count to 0

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My schedule goes as such:

January: Pay off For Position Only set.
February-April: Pay for hotel for Worlds, save enough for transportation.
May-July: Save for food and random purchases at Worlds.
August: Buy something unique and cool at Worlds
September-November: Finish off Master Skyridge, Aquapolis, and Expedition sets. This I will also be working on in tiny pieces throughout the year.
December: All of my money in December pays for Christmas gifts for my family. So no Pokemon here!

I’ll also likely keep grading cards here and there randomly. If a mint/gem mint Crystal, Shining, or Gold Star comes up at the right price, I pick it up and grade it. That’s just something I’ve been doing this last year and have really enjoyed. So I’ll probably keep up with that.

I also really, really want to grade a PSA 10 Full Art Pikachu. I was pretty ticked about getting a 9 on the one I graded that I pulled from the package myself. So I’ll be seeking out a cheap, gem mint ungraded copy of that as well.

Those are my goals! Let’s hope I’m alive and well enough to make them happen. :stuck_out_tongue:

My plans are pretty much the same as every year.

  1. Keep piecing together my WOTC Master sets. I would really like all of the Unlimited sets and all of the Base Sets completed this year.
  2. Keep up with English promos.
  3. Pick up booster packs for the booster pack collection.
  4. Save up for and go to Worlds! :blush:
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If you are still looking for a decently priced JPN Shiny Collection, I just acquired an extra set that I haven’t gotten around to putting up for sale.

As for my goals in 2014, I would like to finish the my JPN LEGEND sets while keeping up with new releases. Lately I’ve been picking up a few random things here and there so we’ll see how that goes. :wink:

My plan is to sell my collection :slightly_frowning_face:. I’m trying to free up some physical space and save money for a house/wedding.

I’m glad you asked, because I hadn’t even thought of this yet :stuck_out_tongue:

In 2014, I would like to:

  1. Complete my Jumbo collection in English and Japanese and get a chunk of the foreign jumbos complete.
  2. Sort out all my multiples and organize my binders properly :stuck_out_tongue:
  3. Complete all promo sets (so every promo that’s not Miscellaneous).
  4. Replace the Umbreon and Espeon Gold Stars I got graded and sold. I miss those cards );
  5. Go to Worlds :grin:

I’m selling all my booster packs. Let me know which ones you need.

Sent you a PM

Fingers crossed I will be purchasing a trophy card in the next week or so. I will also try to complete my PSA 10 Japanese gold star set by the end of next year.

Last year (it’s already 2014 here in Japan) my goal was to open all of the boxes of stuff in my warehouse to see what I’ve got. I managed to do that, but haven’t cataloged everything. So, this year’s goal is to have everything cataloged (and perhaps sold to collectors who want it more than me).

I might even let a Teach set or two go this year — for the right price :blush:

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Going by your collection, this must be one awesome card. Please keep us posted. Cheers!

2014 is a hiatus period for my card collection.



complete cards that I have yet to obtain and finish my gold star set.

Here are the cards/items I’d like to obtain in 2014 for my collection:

1.) Rest of the “W” Stamped Promo Cards
2.) My last PRERELEASE WotC Card
3.) More 1998-99 BANDAI Cards for my Set

And biggest of all…

I’d really, really, really like to COMPLETE my WotC booster pack collection.

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I’d love to help you with No. 3. PM me if interested :blush:

  1. After two years of research, I hope to finally find one pack or booster box of LL Lost Link japanese pack sealed. DONE!

  2. Try to find the complete set of booster packs from Colosseum e-card series. 2/4 DONE!

  3. Find 3 Base set english shadowless 1st Ed packs for cheap price.

  4. Find one copy of japanese EX Power Keeper pack (“deck” World Championship Pack) Mint without external damage on the box.

Then my collection of japanese booster packs will be considered complete.
If anyone can help me, PM
Thanks to all the friends of UPCCC and Happy New Year!


No problem will do.

Old school promos as always, but I might start getting the Japanese normal sets (base, jungle, etc) this year.

Well, first off, I want to get back into collecting. Between school, work, and lacrosse I have little time to do much of anything.

But, when I do get back into it, I want to focus on quality, not quantity. I will no long buy anything that is a “good” price. I will do my best to stick to my wishlist. I’m not that into trophies; don’t ask me why. Because of that, I am planning on focusing on semi rare Japanese promos. Ones that I’m interested in are the Natta Wake Pikachu and the Lugia/Ho-Oh ex PLAY set.

I also want to weed out a bunch of cheaper promos that I have (If anyone wants a great bulk deal on some promos let me know), and hopefully sell some of my impulse buys on eBay.