What are your 2024 collection goals?

My goals for 2024 will be:
ex Ruby & Sapphire box
ex Sandstorm box

CGC or BGS 9 1st ed base charizard

continue the first 3 ex set holo rares CGC 10


Gonna have to add this to my goals


First Draft of 2024 goals

-make 2 or more PSA subs
-complete psa 10 origin forme Dialga set
-origin forme Dialga plush
-get to 75% complete in Kimura binder
-Complete Karen binder (dream)

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You got this Tony!

Can I ask what cards you are referring to for the historic value? I’m a pokemon history collector myself so would love to hear others thoughts on what cards really show off pokemon’s rich history

I’d love if base set booster boxes came back down to a price I can justify spending. I sold mine 5+ years ago, and would love to add it back, but not at $10K+ lol

The cards I want will depend on what I can save and how fast. The first cards that come to mind are from the creature’s deck. That’s high on my priority list. I was sadly set back after spending too much on Buyee when they had the 20% coupon last week.

Very nice. Checks out. Are you looking for just any card from the creatures deck?

As of right now, none off the top of my head. I tried to stop looking at them since the more I look, the more likely I would sell something from my collection to just buy one. That’s the biggest thing I want to avoid at the moment.

The only cards I know for sure I would not want are the energy cards and maybe a couple of the trainer cards.

Got it. Well best of luck from one history collector to another. You got this :smile:

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I was just thinking about this the other day. I imagine theyre incredibly difficult to find

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I’ve seen three in about the last 6 months. 2 good quality and 1 awful quality. I’m going to try and clear some of the duplicate appendix’s I have and aim for this last one next year!

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Do you know if Shinji Kanda ever did any larger autograph events?

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Find snorlax gold in korean
Find a flash fire Russian snorlax
Find a Polish Dimond pearl snorlax and munchy
Get to 50% of the snorlax psa registry


There are several listings on Allegro for the Polish Snorlax and at least for me when I bought a card from him early this year the seller was fine with shipping them outside of Poland after I wrote him a message.

Unfortunately I do not.

I think one of my main goals for this year was finding a way to get back into the hobby without it having to cost so much and have the extreme rarity chase.

Main goals:

  1. start a fun binder collection of card art that I really enjoy.

  2. a graded teddiursa collection to be able to display on my wall or shelf with different variants and multiples of art in my binders I really like ( shiny collection, LP promo, chikorita half deck) and maybe eventually work myself up to a low grade copy of Pal City. But only after full time job and other things are in full order.

  3. get a binder lol

  4. start doing more research and article searching for niches to explore within the hobby that I can become more specific in


Will copy my 2023 goals here:

In progress:
-Komiya binder complete (~75% complete)
-Masaki promos set
-Vs series complete (~10%)
-Carddass complete set (currently just missing 1 of the checklist cards)
-Pokemon 151 japanese complete (~90%)
-first ed charizard any grade

I guess not much has changed lol,

  1. I’m about at 85% for my komiya binder (getting closer every day)
  2. I’ve bumped Vs series to #2 on the list ahead of the Masaki promos (I find it more satisfying to fill a binder) - for the Vs series I’m still only sitting at about 15% but plan to make a larger dent after Christmas
  3. Carddass complete → just waiting for a decent sale on 1 of the checklist cards (that isn’t in HP condition)
  4. Masaki promos → haven’t started :stuck_out_tongue:
  5. First Ed. Zard any grade → still on the hunt, no rush
  6. Pokemon 151 jpn complete → still at about 90%, I’ve been waiting for the higher priced cards to dip further in price before scooping them up… if this never happens I’m actually fine with not completing the full set then (can’t justify the price for modern sets rn)
  7. Sell off a majority of my inventory that I don’t particularly like or want, I’ll use these to fund my above goals

I think for the first time i have a list of goals i am motivated to accomplish instead of random hunt cards that i’m hoping to miraculously find. Naturally my main goal has been my slime army for the longest time but i’ve been adding a lot of side collections to keep things fun during last few years, mostly consisting of bulk cards with cool art to keep it under control. However now my time for collecting has narrowed so much that i can’t keep up with everything, i’m always on a lookout for new slime stuff but now i want to complete all my side collections during 2024 to be in situation where i can just concentrate on grimer and muk and buy all the new releases for my ongoing side collections. I’ll properly list it down to see how close i’ve gotten if i don’t fully make it, but i hope i’ll make it since it’s basically all just bulk with few ex era holos.

-Collection of selected japanese promos (only one of these with a bigger price tag, hopefully killing this goal soon): cd promo charizard and venusaur + hungry snorlax left.
-Tomokazu Komiya art collection: 17 cards missing + new releases during 2024
-Bulk card collections from other artists (sowsow, kanda, single page selected artists): 58 cards missing + new bulk releases from sowsow and kanda
-Pokedex, a single card from every pokemon: 23 cards missing + new pokemon with cards, without rule box
-Selected collection of cards with connected art or story: 43 cards missing + possible new bulk releases i like
-Single pages of different pokemon types and pages of my other favourite pokemon besides slime: 70 cards left

And in addition to these i do still have that one card to hunt without any great chances to predict when (or if) i can get it since i’ve made the decision to go after that cosmos foil fossil muk. I’ve already gathered funds for it for months but really no idea when one pops up for sale and if my funds are sufficient at that moment. And ofc i’ll be adding to slime army when i bump into reasonably priced new items.