Welcome to the New E4

Wow I don’t think anyone will break this record:

Good to hear from you Jason! A lot has changed in 10 years! If you need help selling anything let me know! :blush:


You’re not Jason from Australia are you??

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Yeah that’s him, from worlds 2011 :older_man:


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So happy with the change over of the site, I must admit I had become less engaged on e4 over the years because it was hard to access and navigate on my phone, with the new website and app it has breathed fresh life into the website. Thank you for the hard work you guys put in to update it.


Well this is exciting. Love the endless scroll! I remember this was proboards before - is there an app we can use to browse this? I mean, it’s awesome in the browser, just wondering.

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Yeah here is a link on how to download the app, it’s so much better than before!



Yo, thanks for taking the time to reply to all those points. That all makes sense and thanks for the links, will update those things were I can, the image links next to usernames are looking super clean too.

But sounds like there’s a lot of thought and work going into all this, so appreciate it.
Mb for the slow reply ^^


This is much better. Congrats on the progress!


Does anyone else now have a bajillion threads on their watchlist? LOVE that feature.

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Sorry for my idiot question but is there a thread that explains what the taggs mean or what their intention is?

Also why is it not possible to add certain taggs to my threads? For my collection thread I have added the collection tag but I see there is also a collection-addition tag but I can’t add that one aswell?

I also have a old thread that I wanted to delete but I learned that is not possible. I do see there is a recycle-bin tag, is this for threads that can be trashed? Can’t seem to add it to my thread though.

I’m not that good with tech stuff so I’m still struggling here and there on the forum. :sweat_smile:

Oh yeh, got another idiot question. :laughing: On my user card I added my country but I see other people having a marker next to theirs, how do I do that? :smile:

Tags are there to help organize threads into groups

For instance, Topics tagged popular I will add this “popular” tag to threads that have high activity. Most tags have no function outside of organizing things. There are exceptions though, for instance I’ve also set threads tagged as “popular” to appear on the homepage

There are certain tags that can’t be used by regular users

Any thread tagged as “e4-archive” was imported into the site when we launched. The category the thread was originally found in is also tagged (shown above). These tags should not go on future threads

If you want a thread trashed, message a moderator.

Here is where you can set your location:


Thx for the info :smile:

I did plan on making a separate post with those questions and add the just-a-question tagg but like you said, we can’t add that tag ourselves.

I assume the docs tab is meant for teaching people how the forum works? Maybe this info on taggs could be a good post over there so that people are more aware and use it more often. Like you said, it’s for organization and when I started to check all the taggs I found a bunch of posts that I hadn’t read before so that prooves it really works. :sweat_smile: I would think the mods have enough work already so if people where to learn to use this on their own I believe it would benefit the forum allot.

I don’t think I’m the only one that isn’t using the forum to it’s full potential, I think… :laughing:

Anyways, only trying to help and thx again for the help. :heart:

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The final goal for the Docs is still uncertain. I would like it to be a place for all articles and guides which ties into this Campaign for a Curated E4 Article Section

I set it up temporarily to be a guide to the site as you mentioned. I think the best way to get people to learn about the tags is to just have a good example of how it’s used. Right now I agree it’s an underutilized function (I have been manually tagging almost every new thread myself) but I think over time it will become more and more useful

As always, I don’t have all the answers, I’m still adapting just as you guys are

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Sounds like a plan :smiley: I better get to work on some research then hehe. Doubt I will ever get a nice polished article up like some here on the forum but if it gets updated and tweaked enough it will get there. ^^
Also much respect to the admins, moderators and posters because I know this stuff takes allot of time and effort. Great work guys :smile:

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