Forum Updates! (January 2017)

Hello there handsome elite forum goers!

We love you. A lot. So we put our noggins together, did a group chant, and brainstormed some ways to spice up our E4 love-life. Here is what you’ll notice has changed:

>“Price Guide Discussion” has been adjusted to “Price and Market Discussion.” This better captures the direction our forum’s conversation has gone and gives people the space to ask questions about single cards and broader trends all in the same place.

**>**We’ve added a new subforum called “Just a Question?” In hopes of reducing the clutter in the General Board. We noticed that people often have a question that can be answered without much discussion. These questions are appropriate for creating a thread but are more in-and-out solutions than group conversation fodder. If something in this thread turns into a bigger conversation, we will move it into the General Board as we see fit. But ultimately, we want to see questions about how to handle cards, what to do with PSA-related issues, where to buy something, how to mail a product, and similar types of threads find their way into this subforum. Hopefully this will give the General Board a little breathing room while also encouraging people to post their single questions when they might not previously have felt there was a place to do so.

**>**The “New Member?” navigation bar! We’ve had growth. A ton of growth. And the trends continue to climb upward as people hear about us from you all, see us on social media, and mature to a point where they’re looking for something deeper than what other outlets offer. In order to make the introduction to our community a less painful process, we placed a new navigation bar at the top that links to a sticky’d post in the General Board outlining how to get acquainted with who we are and what we do. In addition to a new navigation bar, all new members will now receive a PM sent directly to their inbox with the same information and a warm welcome.

As always, if you notice something out of whack with the new way we’re doing things or have a suggestion, our inboxes are open! We hope you are looking forward to continuing to improve E4 as much as we are.

Your E4 Staff


We’re also always open for graphic and banner ideas!! Send them my way! :grin:


Can we get a banner gif of @smpratte slam dunking a Pikachu Illustrator while @funmonkey54 and @milhouse make it rain with Benjamins?


Man, seriously if I had that talent, I’d grant your wish in a heartbeat.

We could almost certainly make this work.

Me back in highschool, practicing for this moment:


Hahaha ohmygod. Scott’s been waiting for the moment that he could appropriately post this picture. Actually, I’m not so sure that this whole “start a Pokémon forum” endeavor wasn’t actually just a means for this exact post.

@smpratte what was your high school AIM screen name? (and while we’re at it, A/S/L?):joy:

Edit @fourthstartcg - sometimes I wish I had Reddit gold to give (or more than one “like” to award). I would have given your request gold as well as all the likes. I laughed out loud when I read it.


great updates that make sense to me. Haha wow @smpratte can fly!

@bluey do you still have the suggestions from the thread that you made 2? years ago?

Great additions. Is there a way to work the New? Welcome to the Elite Forum banner so that it doesn’t appear after some time or?

I’ll stick to my day job lol


Make upccc great again

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I might not know what slang is.


@cullers Honestly so impressed.

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I love this :joy:


This challenge will not be complete without a @shizzlemetimbers gif

Haha, the ninja that is foshizzle-mytizzle is hard at work.

I know this because it is peak time for gif making on his side of Oz-stralia.

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Okay. I’ll get a picture with me and a stack of money. Gimme a couple hours.

I like myself less for having taken this . I went for the scrubbiest douche look I could muster. Also, there’s nothing more ghetto than posting a photo with a completely reasonable amount of cash.


This is more than I could have ever hoped for.

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