E4 10th Anniversary Awards! RESULTS AND WINNERS!

Thank you to all who participated in the brainstorming, nominating, and now voting process. A few of these categories were landslides while others were neck and neck until the last vote. Thank you to @ayoveer once more for providing the banner(s) for the awards(even though I only used one of them) and big thank you to @shizzlemetimbers for creating the award trophies.

For the winners please follow this link to collect your trophy. There is a large version and a smaller version. If you wish to put the trophy in your signature please use the smaller version.
Large: imgur.com/a/Ya14j5V
Small: imgur.com/a/oQkheDu

Best Post

@pokemontrader for the Guide of Guides post in the Articles/Guides Section of the forum.

Funniest Post

@pfm for the ‘You are a Member of E4’ Post

Best Pokemon Related Thread

@churlocker for the ‘E4 Secret Santa 2019 Picture Thread’

Best Guide/Article Thread

@pokemontrader for their ‘Yahoo Japan Search Guide’ thread

Best E4 Meme

@fourthstartcg for their 4xxx vs 2xxx Cert Meme

Most Helpful Member

@quuador for being themselves

Most Knowledgable Member

This award is a TIE between @smpratte and @churlocker

Best ‘New’ Member


Best Forum Avatar


Best Forum Signature


Best Forum Banner


Congratulations to all the winners! And thank you for all the hard work on the forums as well as on discord!

and special thanks for Milhouse for doing so much for us :grin:


Congrats all! Love this community and a special shout out to everyone who helped put this together.


Beyond happy to have just been nominated for these awards, but also truly grateful to have won and been here to be a part of this all as well. Congrats to everyone who won and were nominated, and a big thanks to all the mods and users who help bring everything together and make this forum the wonderful place it is. :blush:


Thanks to all who voted for me. :blush:

And thanks @milhouse for organizing everything, and congrats to all other winners.

Here’s to 10 more years. :grin:



Congrats to all the winners! So glad to see the community come together for something cool like this! :blush:


Congrats and thank you everyone for participating! If you need help on how to add the mini trophy to your signature dm me :blush:

Here is what the large size trophies look like:


Congratulations to all the winners. As a newcomer it was fun to read the posts which were nominated. Thanks for organizing such an event. Happy to be a part of this community. Cheers!


Thanks for doing the work House:)


Congrats everyone!


Thanks for all the nice words about organising it all.
I’d actually like to do this once per year with slightly modified categories. A ‘Best of the Year’ type awards that specifically look at a 12 month period. I could just do it every June and have it be for the last 12 months but it feels odd not just to bookend each year with it. I may just wait until the end of 2021/start of 2022 to do the next one and have it all focus on 2021.


Thank you to everyone who voted for me in this competition.

When I joined e4 many moons ago, it went by a different name, there were only a handful of collectors here and I felt like I didn’t know a soul here (personally). The collectors on this forum in its infancy were in my opinion Titans, and I was a mere commoner who was trying to scrape by flipping Primes and Legend pieces for $0.50 profits at a time. Everyone that was on this site had massive collections, even back then. Cards I never heard of, connections I thought were impossible and stories that were unimaginable.

Overtime, by gleaning pearls of wisdom from “the Titans”, my collecting goals switched from quick returns on cards I didn’t care for, to carefully curated pieces that would spark joy–each and every time I look at them. I grew as an individual learning how to make meaningful connections and how to conduct myself in transactions ethically and professionally. No longer do I care about getting the upper-hand on point values in trades (do other people remember those early days of trading?!), instead I care about people, collecting, and the community as an entirety.

Like everyone, I have heaps of stories from this forum. A few ups and downs but I’ll try to not dig up the past. I joined 10 years ago. Still in high school, I had a lot of growing up to do, with big dreams and ambitions and not a lot of “worldly” knowledge. I used to entertain the trolls, post passive-aggressive remarks and quite frankly I was a bit immature at times. But, as Maya Angelou once said “When you know better, you do better”.

Once I hit university, I started really diving into the hobby. Finally I was engaging more in forum discussions, my Japanese classes were helping me navigate Y!J a bit more effectively and I was starting to forge some strong bonds with members on the forum --many are still active! I even had my first in-person meet-up with @reinasierpe and had a blast just talking about cards and the hobby.

University was a stressful time for me. My grandmother was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, I was struggling in a few courses and financially, I was caught up in some drama here that looking back on it now why did I bother. I was worried about the future. I didn’t know what my plans were, where I wanted to work and/or do for the rest of my life. Was I going to be successful? Rich? Liked?

Overtime, most of my worries have washed away. One of the most constant forces in my life (aside from friends and family) is Pokemon. It has always been here, and has helped me make some of my most pivotal decisions ever. (Why else would I choose to learn Japanese?!). After graduating, my dream was to go to Japan and see the world. I could finally acquire some of the “dream cards” that used to be exclusive “Titan territory” that were seemingly more attainable.

Though, this trip was a bit more unique than just an Indiana Jones treasure heist. I actually made it a point to visit Pokemon friends I had made on another forum, and made some fantastic memories with them. I don’t think I would’ve had the confidence to do something so outlandish if it wasn’t for the fact I had met up with Reina a few times before that. (Let’s all remember… 90s kid with internet safety being shoved in our faces from the time of its inception). On that trip I did manage to get a few wonderful cards both from the mythical Mandarake and from a collector.

Travel is magnificent too! I have found that the more I travel, the more I learn about myself and the world around me. Since the big trip I took after graduation… I’ve been to Japan two additional times, Worlds twice and to visit collectors more times than I can count. This forum has helped pull me out of my shell and embrace the community as an entirety.

Those “Titans” of the past, have become friends of the present. Those unattainable goals, have become fixtures of my collection. Those stories that were told, have become adventures planned and taken.

This forum is more than just a place where we come to shoot the shit and talk about the next price bubble (lol). It’s a place where like-minded individuals come together to share their most vulnerable selves, embrace their passions and showcase what is meaningful to them. It’s a constant place where friends (albeit some people are like family at this point!) can come together and share their love for pokemon!

As I stated before, my collecting habits have changed and I actually don’t consider myself to be a card collector anymore… In fact I’m a memory collector. When I look at my collection, I can pinpoint exact moments, exact people and exact emotions that each card has given me. I have cards from friends who were moving on to other adventures. I have cards from friends I’ve met IN PERSON at events such as Worlds. I have cards that would not have EVER made it into my collection without help from friends who were able to go to events I wasn’t able to.

I’d like everyone to think about your first moments on efour. What were they like? What were you nervous/excited about?
I’m glad to have experienced 10 f a n t a s t i c years of this forum. 10 years of crazy stories, amazing friendships and fond memories. I’m excited to experience at least another 10 more! Who knows what the future will hold, but this forum has provided a warm, inviting culture that has brought us all together for these sorts of moments. Though I’m sad we won’t have Worlds this year, I’m eagerly awaiting 2021 and all the other fun adventures along the way!

Special thanks to @milhouse for putting this together and to everyone that has contributed to making this forum such a special place! :heart_eyes:


This is really cool! Congrats to the winners.


Congrats everyone!

Any chance we can get links to the posts/threads that won? The search function only got me so far.


Congrats to all the winners, each of which make this place a great community.

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Is there a way we can get links to the original posts of the winners?


Congrats all!

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Congrats all!

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What the hell guys. My avatar is clearly the best


Hmm, I wanted to link to the nominations thread where all these and other amazing posts were linked, but apparently it’s been removed…
@milhouse Any reason why the nominations thread is removed completely, instead of just locked? :confounded:

@xxchancexx Here are links to the posts mentioned in the first post of this thread. :blush: