Campaign for a Curated E4 Article Section

One of the most valuable resources on e4 is our collection of articles. Many of these can be found at here, The Index of Elite Fourum Articles

With a new website comes better tools to collaborate, curate and organize high-quality articles and guides.


  • the site has a “wiki” functionality to let regular users edit and improve on existing or new articles
  • access to the wiki feature can be limited by trust level or user group to avoid vandalism
  • special groups or badges can be awarded to members recognizing the amount of effort they put into new articles
  • private categories and threads can be set up to work through and discuss articles


  • broad suite of markdown and html is currently available
  • new formatting tools and options can be added any time
  • a standardized format for all articles could emerge over time
  • any images are hosted by the site and therefore are resiliant to link rot


Many more plugins or even custom made plugins are always on the table.

We want to start experimenting with these tools by creating a series of curated articles, ranging from beginner level knowledge to expert. This series will include some old articles that are revamped/updated as well as some entirely new topics.

Here are a list of potential topics:

Articles to revamp/polish:

The exact specifications of a “curated” article is still undefined. We are in early days here. What I’m looking for right now is just a set of topics we can start with. The idea is to just create these basic articles and see where we can take them. As it becomes needed, we can try different collaboration tools and look to rewarding members who get more involved with higher trust levels and more control over the direction we take this.

Currently, I’m looking for more article ideas. They should range in audience from someone brand-new to the hobby to the most niche corner of whatever you’re interested in.
The ones I’ve posted here are ones I know I can contribute on - but there is so much untapped knowledge in this hobby.

If you’re been inspired to write about your favorite thing, just do it. Even if it’s just a terrible draft skeletion. The idea here is to just start something simple and just incrementally build onto it until we have something great.


A newbie guide to Pregrading / Submitting to PSA would probably go down well


Working on it :wink:


I’ve got it on my TODO list to update it and add all Celebrations variations; the 25th anniversary Jumbo; some more misprints; etc. Not sure when I have time yet. I plan on updating all my articles, but I lack time lately unfortunately… :pensive:



We have a lot of smart people here who may be interested in helping if you’re willing to outsource some of it :slight_smile: . If you want to, you could try making a checklist thread of easy things you need to put together as little tasks for others to do.




Here’s my first contribution. Feedback welcome


Great info on the history!

I love this idea. My knowledge is limited, but will think through on some ideas this week.

Question, is the vision that this would be different from Bulbapedia articles, or similar idea but written by E4?

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I know bulbapedia has an errors section but if we had one here theres loads of us who know about repeating errors that get no mention there and how do you just put stuff up there at least here everyone can participate very quickly. If we did i think it should be separated into two categories repeating picture/text errors ie evolution box wartortle and no damage ninetales and then printing errors ie eevee d error and krabby slash error.

The final direction is very flexible, I hope to just experiment at this point. E4 has always had great articles, I just want to keep this tradition going in a more formal way.

Bulbapedia is a great resource for pure factual information but there are a lot of things it doesn’t do well. A simple example is just the way it groups cards by text rather than release or artwork. Great for players but virtually nonsensical to collectors. The things I would like to see prioritized on E4 are in the gaps of Bulbapedia. For instance, the “double white star” PSA label has a story behind it and it just doesn’t really translate well to Bulbapedia except as a side note at best.

I know many people, myself included, who have flirted with making a better Bulbapedia. Maybe that’s where this will end up really far down the road, maybe not. It’s definitely not something I could do alone so we will see how well this little campaign goes.

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Here’s an example of the page publishing feature Stamp Promo Box : Beauty Looking Back & Moon Geese - Elite Fourum

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The link in the main post does link to the current Error article of Efour: Masters Guide for Pokemon WOTC Corrected Errors & Test cards It just needs to be updated and reformatted a bit. And there are some errors mentioned in comments that have to be added to the main post.



Thanks for the suggestion, but no need. It’s primarily the Base Set Pikachu article I plan on updating completely, and adding one or two missing variations for the 1st edition stamps article.

One thing I could use help with, although I think you’ve planned on revamping it already iirc, is the Index of Articles Thread. I know @HumanForScale has posted a lot of articles for example that still have to be added to that list. And here is one out of the top of my head I planned on adding as well List of All XConcepts Pokemon Mini-Skateboards. And there are probably a bunch more I’m forgetting about rn.

PS: @churlocker I’m still waiting for that TFG cards article you’ve mentioned a couple years ago. :wink:



Since using the app I now realize that I have been interacting with the site differently compared to what I used to. Those articles are indeed amazing and the biggest reason I kept coming back because so much information is bundled in those but it seems I forgot about them. With the app it’s hard to have an overview on all the topics and because of that I mostly only interact with the latest topics because these stand on the top of the list while many good topics are way below at the list. The link you send towards those articles is great because I have not encountered it here on the app before. Maby it’s just me, I don’t know.

I like the idea for more articles or adding to excisting ones and I will try to come up with some myself. If I have any good ones I will post em here. ^^


Is there an article or plans for an article about the different languages that the TCG has been printed in? Finding out about the existence of Dutch and Russian cards was a surprise to me, and I’m sure there’s languages that I have no idea about. Could maybe include more or less the era or sets that they were printed in, since some languages had fairly short runs or were only started recently.


Here are some ideas I came up with but I’m not saying that I will make an article myself, it’s just sharing ideas and who knows what the future brings and if I would take up the task of making an article myself. :smile: These are ideas I am already working on within my own research but I do admit that I don’t know enough at the moment to give definitive information to people because I know there will be mistakes I made or stuff I don’t yet know of. (I can always share or add the info I do know about these ideas, I don’t mind helping out on topics) :slightly_smiling_face:

  • Going over different ways of collecting + what is a healthy way of doing it in these modern times. (To help beginners learn what they actually want to collect and not regret collecting)
  • looking back to all sets in the different era’s and pointing out the interesting parts each set has or what new things certain sets brought to the table. (This can tie in with previous mentioned article idea and is mainly for set collectors to help decide what set they want to go for and not just spend money on all the new sets while not getting to complete any)
  • different vintage set print runs and printing locations and why this can be interesting.
  • List of Wotc printed cards that where shipped abroad to be packaged or sold elsewhere. (This can be like the unlimited holos in the 4th print packs or the zapdos holos that where shipped for abroad packaging of the thunderstorm deck and even Belgian printed French cards that where shipped to Canada to be sold for their French people)
  • How the Wotc cards where printed and going over every step. (This could help error collectors understand why certain errors happen)
  • Different types of errors than can be found on cards. (This can tie into previous article idea and is to help people learn what is out there and to understand wich is rarer then others) (this one is difficult because certain damaged or small error cards are not always accepted by some collectors.
  • How to learn what actual rare cards are and how different ways of accuisation is a big factor here.
    *figuring out details on every holo foil type and why this can be interesting.
  • Known details and lore for every Pokémon from the tcg up to the anime and games.
  • Vintage timeline (this is something I’m working towards for a while now but newly learned things can change it, so this is more speculation with part facts tied into it) also give reasons why having a timeline can be interesting.

A very important update or extra article is needed for cards that where never corrected/ corrected/ changed. Even for changes done in different reprints even though the really interesting ones are the changed cards in same print runs. (Example is the dark Arbok copyrights date that was corrected for the W-stamp promo version or the never corrected copyrights date on the neo genesis kakuna and energy cards. Even foreign cards have multiple examples of never corrected errors) also changed and corrected cards are not the same thing because black flame ninetales was a change done that wasn’t needed but the HP on vulpix was a mistake meaning it was needed and therefore is a correction. Also more can be added like the blue text change in jungle for example mr. Mime.

These are some ideas I came up with and I hope it helps even though I know they arn’t easy topics to research on or learn about. That is also the reason I think they could be interesting topics to read as someone who wants to learn.:sweat_smile:


Now that I’m reading some of the articles again I think it gets messy here and there because of people linking or replying to it and end up posting the entire tip post again. Maby an idea could be that in the articles themselves you can’t reply but at the bottom there is a link to a second thread where the article can openly be discussed or praised or something just to make the article thread as clean as possible. It’s just an idea, I’m sure it could make problems that I’m not aware of but yeh… Just an idea. :smile:


I agree, I think the publishing option is great for pure article focus and no comments: Stamp Promo Box : Beauty Looking Back & Moon Geese - Elite Fourum

Maybe we could have the published article, and then one with discussion.