Welcome to Elite Fourum Thread

This is a thread to welcome all the new members of Elite Fourum. So please post here!

Feel free to introduce yourself and share a little piece of your moments of how and when you started collecting Pokemon.

Feel free to share your aspirations, dreams, hopes, and accomplishments in the world of Pokemon TCG or Pokemon Video Games.


want to say a late welcome to @iamnotlame and @blazes

old members are welcome to share as well since you guys never shared!

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I’m Michael!
I live in Canada…
I like Japanese promos, however recently with school, my collection has changed more towards merchandise. Now that being said, I still collect the occasional card(s), but after school is done and I don’t have any more fees I need to pay, I’ll be collecting at full speed again :blush:

I’m in business with my electives in sociology and Japanese :blush:

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Great idea Elam.

I’m Gary.
I live in Las Vegas, Nevada.
I collect mainly English pokemon cards but have many Japanese as well.
Have been selling on eBay and Yahoo since the 90s.
I am an advocate of PSA card grading.
I support both Children’s Hospital of Orange where my handicapped son received such great care and the Wounded Warrior Project charities.
Welcome to all our new members and pm me if I can help:)


Hi, I’m Eric
I live in Southern California (SoCal).
I have mostly all the English Promos and completed all the English Set.
I’m currently trying to sell/trim down some of my collection.
All the money that I’m selling my cards are going to a good cause in my life.

I’m also a troller so you will see a lot of gifs.

I’m Mike #73.

I live in New York but not the city.

I collect based on unique artwork, and specifically to get all artworks of each Pokemon, but I’m very close to completing every English set (five cards short). My favorite Pokemon is Dewgong, obviously, but I’ve also obsessively ranked every single Pokemon from favorite to least favorite. Twice.

I’m one of the two main admins at Psypoke, and almost every single card scan on that site’s TCG section comes my own personal collection. One of my dreams when I started collecting cards again in 2009 was to have a page that shows all of the TCG artwork of each Pokemon in one place, and at last our Psydex is as close to achieving that goal as is possible for me and my collection. :3

I’m currently a cashier but hopefully will be getting a new job soon. Like, within days if I’m fortunate.

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Where in NY? I’ll be in Brooklyn soon

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Thanks guys!

UK based collector here, 23 years old. Loved pokemon since I was a kid, had only a passing interest in it as a young teenager, but got back into collecting card in 2008, and slowly into playing the card game just this year.

I’ve continued to play the main series games all the way through. I collect WOTC cards primarily, and their japanese counterparts and promos.

Outside of pokemon, i have a Masters Degree in Marketing, and Im an aspiring bodybuilder. I run 2 youtube channels, my pokemon / gaming channel www.youtube.com/iamnotlame along with www.youtube.com/shreddybrek and the website www.shreddybrek.com

Thanks for the welcome, look forward to getting to know everyone!

If anyone know’s of any pokemon meet ups in the North East England lemme know!

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I’m David but most on the Pokémon boards know me as SoulWind.

I’m an active member on PokéBeach and used to moderate the Trading Corner prior to my senior year (this year) at university. I’ve been involved in the Pokémon TCG for the past two years and it took me nearly that long to figure out what I wanted to do with my collection. After all that time, I finally decided to scrap my English collection and focus on the major JPN sets.

Many people on here may recognize me as the owner of CardHorizon, a small eBay store that is admittedly inactive at the moment. Prior to my recent move, I specialized in PSA graded cards and flawless WoTC sets from 1999-2002. One of the most notable pieces I have owned is a complete set of 1ED Neo Revelation and Neo Destiny Shinings in PSA 10. Hopefully once things settle down, I’ll be back in full swing with my collecting and side business.

That turned out a bit lengthier than I planned!


Welcome David! Just to let you guys know @soulwind is one of my top 5 favs on Pokebeach. He’s really chill.

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Hi soulwind. Any friend of Elams is a friend of mine.
Enjoy your time here:)

SoulWind is pretty cool :slight_smile:

Thanks for the warm welcome everybody! :blush:

Am I your favorite? :grin:

And welcome SoulWind! Nice to see you around these parts.

I’m Simon (22 years old).
I live in Italy.
I collect mainly Japanese Pokémon cards and sealed booster pack.
If anyone ever needs to make purchases at Italian or European sites I would be proud to be able to help.
I have friends all over the world who help me if I need to make purchases of products are difficult to find on the net.
My favorite Pokémon are mainly: Charizard, Blastoise, Venusaur, Pidgeot, Mewtwo, Lugia, Ho-Oh, Latios, Latias and many more!

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I have a ton of favourite pokemon, but it really depends.

We have a fairly good idea of your favourite Pokemon :grin:. I too only have a couple

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Greninja is kind of cool.
My problem is that I really just don’t have a favorite Pokemon. I feel like the outcast of the Pokemon world not being able to pick a favorite, but it just isn’t going to happen.

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I don’t have just one, there are many I prefer over others but from each gen, I have a few handfuls of favourites.

I’m Kyle. I’m 24 years old. I live in New Jersey. I’m an Aircraft Mechanic in the United States Air Force.
I’m married to a wonderful lady that has been living with Breast Cancer for two years. We’ve been married for almost three years now. We have two big Black Labs, Zeus and Skye, and don’t plan on having any kids (though I could use an excuse for acting like a child sometimes).

I’m play a lot of video games; mostly into shooter games though I was one of the best in the world at a strategy game called Halo Wars. You can add me on Xbox Live if you want “Cheesypoof999”

My favorite Pokemon is Blastoise. Bar none. It’s blue, my favorite color; it’s a turtle, my favorite animal; and it’s number 009, my favorite number. Plus, you can’t hate on the cannons. I have only been collecting since July or August of this year. I don’t play the TCG anymore, but I did discover my love for Blastoise in middle school while collecting/playing. I had a Blastoise deck that never lost, everyone in my school played but they were mostly idiots, and since I don’t play anymore I remain undefeated mwahaha.

I play/collect MTG cards as well. I also have a few Halo models, action figures, prints, and Mega Bloks sets.
My love for Blastoise also stems from my childhood fondness for the Ninja Turtles, and thus, I have a bunch of signed TMNT prints from NYCC.