PokemonTrader:// Treasure Trove (Updated November 17th 2017)

Hello UPCCC Members!

I felt it is finally time to share a snapshot of my collection and what I own currently.
Alongside collecting cards, a majority of my collection is non-flats.

A bit more about myself…
My name is Michael, I live in Canada and I currently moderate here on the UPCCC and on pkmncollectors.
Over on pkmncollectors there is generally more interest in the non-flat side of things with an abundant amount of collectors after the plushies, figures, charms etc. Whereas here, I get to learn a lot about rare cards, information pertaining to my “roots” as a collector. Both sites are awesome, and I’m glad to be a part of them :blush:

This year I’ve really upped my game in terms of collecting cards though. In the past I’ve tried completing sets, and more often than not, I’ve sold off the portions that I did have. I’m focusing moreso right now on tracking down the illustration winners from the Pokemon Art Academy Competition, however my heart still lies with the VS Series 2001 set. Without further ado, here’s my collection! I’ll start with merch then move into cards.

Starting it off, we have my first shelf.
The Pikazards on the left are from the Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo opening.
Interestingly enough, there was a lot of coverage on that opening because a player flew to Japan to purchase hundreds of the growling pikachu (right) to resell. Since it was a Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo exclusive. Luckily the vendor I deal with had her’s already ordered through the center, so I didn’t need to pay the reseller loads of cash for it. The center now has stipulations in place for sleeves because of resellers buying them all out within minutes of opening.
In the middle we have my Pokemon Center Hiroshima goods. The Red Gyarachu came from a member on pkmncollectors who was going to Hiroshima on a trip. Luckily other vendors I knew had everything else in stock. Much like the Pikazards wherein the one on the left was available at all centers, whereas the right was exclusive, the red gyarachu was only available at Pokemon Center Hiroshima.
On the right we have my Golden Magikarp collection. They are from 2013 when Pokemon Center Nagoya was having a promotion. I’ve always had a fascination for shiny pokemon :blush: I also have the giant pillow, but forgot to take a photo :dizzy_face:.

Close ups of the Shiny Magikarps.

The Pikazard on the right was the exclusive one to Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo.
Underneath is my binder pages of Pokemon Legendary Shine Collection.

Here’s the second shelf of my Pokemon goodies.
On the left you’ll see my Pokemon Center Osaka Limited Edition goodies. The Meowth, Tepig and Red Bowtie pikachu were from the grand re-opening of the Osaka Pokemon Center. The Blue bowtie pikachus were from the 1 year anniversary. I just think they look really cute!
In the middle is my Pokemon Center Tokyo Bay grand opening items. Inkay is one of my favourite pokemon from Gen 6, so when this center was opening up, I knew I had to gobble up these goodies.
On the right is my pile of Rotom Pokedolls. I have some doubles, and some new release vs old release ones. I’ve detached the hang tags on a lot of them, but a few still are MWT (Mint with Tag). For those plush collectors out there, never detach tags, it lowers the values significantly. When I got these in 2013, I knew I’d be keeping them forever since Rotom is one of my favourite pokemon, so the complete set I received then, I detached the hang tags. In regards to my spares, some do have the tags still attached.

The lighter green Mow Rotom is the old release (2009). The darker green is the new release (2012).
Likewise the lighter blue Rotom is the old release (2008), whereas the darker is new release (2012).
The Frost Rotom in the front is MWT, the heat rotom just has a detached hang tag. It was just placed underneath him just because.

Bottom Misc. Shelf!
Delphox Pokedoll, Dedenne DX Pokedoll (Detached Hang tag), The Muskedeer Trio + Keldeo Pokedolls, Pokemon Time Mascot Plush of Vaporeon and the secret Pokemon Time Tin. I received Delphox from a friend, Dedenne was a purchase online, the muskedeer trio + keldeo were purchases at Anime North 2015 and the Pokemon Time goodies were from my friend as well.

On the other side of the shelf we have my White Kyurem Pokedoll from Nintendo World, a Monthly Pikachu from Anime North 2015, a Japanese release Cynthia Nendoroid and a Pokemon Illustration Collection Book. Love looking through that book from time to time. On to the cards!

First up we have my sealed movie decks! I actually got these all for really cheap deals on Yahoo Japan back in the summertime. These decks are definitely my favourite cards alongside the VS Series 2001. I just always love Trainer’s cards and the artworks are simply stunning. I’m always keeping my eyes peeled for a cheap 5th and 6th movie deck as well as other Movie Packs and Sets. (Don’t go linking right now, I can’t afford anything atm!).

These two are my favourite artworks from the set. Funny story is at one time I had a complete Deoxys Deck, I opened it, and then traded the spares for EX cards, back in my English collecting days. I never let these two go. I admired them too much. Looking back, I can’t believe I traded rare Japanese promos for cheap English EXes and primes :slightly_frowning_face: I guess that saying is accurate… You live and you learn.

Pokemon World Championships 2015 Cards!
I have a complete set of all 7 different languages cards as well as a Top 16 and Top 32.
Purchased these all off of Virbank.

Pokemon Illustration Contest 2010 Complete Set.
I purchased these from a listing someone put in the GAT a while back. It looked suspicious as the seller had multiple copies… However the cards did arrive (all gem mint). So I can’t complain or be worried about it anymore. My best guess is that they were a winner themselves and had all their sets to sell.

Illustration Contest 2009 Winners - PSA 10.
These two are my favourite artworks of that set. I’m always looking for an ungraded set of these cards, but I know they are far and few between. It’s really a fun set and I believe it was Nestor that originally sold the parts of the set to me and a few members of pkmncollectors? We held a group buy, so everyone needed to claim cards for $X, until we had enough to purchase the lot. This was from a few years ago now, but I got them graded and voila 10s!

This PSA 10 Politoed came to me from a trade with another older member here on the forum. I can’t remember her username right now, but she used to be quite active here. She was trying to complete every artwork in her collection, so I helped to fill many holes and in exchange she sent me this Politoed, which when I got it graded was a 10!

This Fan Club Eevee is a new addition to my collection as of September. Someone linked an auction with a BIN on Y!J, so I rolled the dice, put in my highest bid and won! It arrived in immaculate condition. There is only one tiny speck on one of the edges on the front (where the holo shows ;__:wink: aside from that, it is a really nice card. If I were to grade it, I would say it is an easy 9, if not 10. I had a screw down case, so I figured for a card as expensive as this, I want to make sure it is protected.

Photo of the back.

Just some fun cards! Since my cosplay pikachus from Hiroshima were models in all the above photos, I figured… Why not have them at the end. But wait I still have one more photo?:thinking:

Tadah! Here’s my current status of Pokemon Art Academy Illustration Contest winner cards!
7/22. It’s definitely been a challenge and tracking down the winners is tough, but I’m enjoying every moment of it! :blush:
If you ever see someone selling that isn’t on this image, please let me know! I have my 1st Anniversary Mini Pokedoll Keychain to differentiate my image from the rest of the collecting community’s :blush: Just so people know it is my set here (because when you think of Michael, hopefully by now you think of a Pikachu with a bow tie!)


This is amazing seeing your collection grow hun :blush: and even cooler to see another collection of the art academy cards :blush:

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to sum it up simply

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I love it! I have a pikachu riding a magikarp folder if youre interested…

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Well done.
It’ll be interesting to see what plushes come out in 2016.


Thanks for the love everyone! :blush:

@espeon1993 - You’ve been helping me a lot with this, so thank you for the leads!
@vodka - Glad to see you are still around!
@aj1 - I’m not really seeking anything right now, but shooting me an image might give me a better idea what you have?
@garyis2000 - Yes! Here’s hoping for more pokedolls. Right now the center surprised us today with a few dragons and mew, but here’s hoping for more pokedolls since they have been neglecting them.


Wow nice collection. Would you mind letting me know how much the Pretend Magikarp and Gyarados pikachus are? I kind of want to get them!

I freaking love the plush presentations of the cards! Huge update Michael! Very few people have those art academy cards!

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Cool stuff! My sister collects ‘non flats’ I’ve been trying to convert her over to cards but no luck so far, in her words she likes to cuddle her collectibles! Do you know much about ‘plush plush’ as she goes on about those as the ‘grails’ of plush collecting?

@limeh I paid $75 at release for Magikarp and Gyarados. The Red Gyarados cost me around $50.
@smpratte Thanks :blush: Yes I’ve been counting down the days to come home on my reading break to do this update.
@shizzlemetimbers Yes I know about the plushplush. They were the original pokedolls back in the day. Many avid pokedoll collectors wish to acquire them to complete their collections. I know that there was a bunch that sold on ebay a few months ago. One of the big plush collectors has decided to really narrow in on their collection and didn’t want them anymore. They just moved iirc.


Hey UPCCC members!

I’m back again with another update to my Treasure Trove! It isn’t a large update because I’m preparing my wallet for the large crash that’ll be 2016. With decks, sets and mini sets coming out of every direction, I need to be prepared financially to handle it. All else aside, I do have a pretty significant update to my collection. Alongside a few plushies I’ve picked up there is also 1 card I have received.

This year’s Christmas Pikachu Plush! Very cute. The red feels almost like silk. A must have for all pikachu collectors. Every year the Christmas plush sell out very quick.

I just had to purchase these two plush when the Chikku Chikku promotion was announced. I commissioned my icon & signature from a friend a while back, but once this promotion came out everyone was messaging me left right and center to get these plush as they reminded me of them. I tend to agree they do look like the artwork my friend Sara made for me.

Here comes the card update…

It’s another Art Academy card! This is number 8. I am growing fond of collecting these cards. Not only have I made friends with some of the other collectors who are going “as hardcore” as I have, I am making friends with many of the winners too. Unfortunately I don’t want to get your hopes up, but this winner was approached by many individuals after me. I was very polite to them, only spoke in Japanese (no English) and because I was so friendly they agreed to trade with me. They aren’t really looking to trade/sell to others, so please it is my greatest intentions that you do not go and pester them. :slightly_frowning_face:

Here is all 8 together. Next month I should be getting 2-3 more :grin:


Wow didn’t think someone would actually be able to obtain more then a couple :open_mouth:!


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Thank you very much! ^^

It is a lot of hard work, but I can’t take all the credit.
@espeon1993 has helped me heaps.

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You have some of the most impressive hauls I’ve seen in a while! I love that Art Academy card. One of the best arts out there. Congrats on your accomplishments!

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You think my hauls are impressive? .___. ?? :open_mouth:

Love this pic! Need that latest one though lol x

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(lol) It won’t be too long right Jamie @espeon1993 ?

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Now I’m tied with @espeon1993
These cards are fun to collect!!


wow! incredibly impressive. some of my favorite cards, been trying to hunt them myself as you know haha. no real luck lately though, multiple people aren’t responding >__<

only gotten the one from noodles

I absolutely love the gourgeist, tangrowth , astronaut, and hula chu

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;__; and another comes out with the astronaut…
I asked espeon1993 to let me know if they considered selling/trading any more of them because I was told they wouldn’t…

so jealous of some of your stuff, nice job