iamnotlame Says hello to all!

Hi Everyone,

New user alert *OMG*. My name is Adam, although my username says iamnotlame.

I grew up with gen 1, and spent my childhood with pokemon cards, pokemon cards, the pokemon anime, and pokemon merchandise. When I was around 13 i “grew out” of pokemon, and had just a passing interest until fire red/leaf green were released. It wasn’t until 2008 that i got back into collecting cards, and for the past 5 years its been a big part of my life.

Im now 23. I recently got the urge to start playing the game, so bought my first post WOTC cards to actually keep (as opposed to buying to sell on) to play online. I bought the frost ray deck.

I collect solely WOTC/Japanese cards up until nintendo began making cards. For me, collecting is nostalgic, which is why i choose to collect the cards i grew up, and the cards that were current when i was a child.

The gem of my collection is a 1st edition base set, albeit ungraded, however its still a good centrepiece so to speak.

I stumbled across this site about 2 weeks ago whilst i was on my phone travelling back from the metro with my girlfriend (I live in the UK)

After a few weeks of just reading, i thought id sign up and get to know you all a bit better and join in on the fun.

I really couldn’t pin point what im currently working on completing, the next sets im nearest to finishing would be gym challenge unlimited, and japanese neo genesis.

In terms of english sets, my goal is to complete each set up until Legendary Collection. I’d also like to get each in 1st edition (who wouldn’t) if that will ever happen remains to be seen however. Outside of this, I would also like complete japanese sets, along with some of the more uncommon japanese cards, such as the vending machine (i have some), VS series (i have none) promo’s and the like. My most recent purchase (tonight) was the 1997 bandai card set. Something i never thought i’d do, but now think i might, is collect the newer cards. With me getting back into the TCG im unsure at the moment if i’ll aim to complete these sets, or just get the cards i need to play.

I also host my own youtube channel, i wont post a link unless a moderator allows me to do so, however my channel name is iamnotlame.

Whilst the “golden age” of pokemon to me is gen 1 and 2, as this was my childhood, im not one of these guys who hates all the other generations. I admint i am not as familiar with pokemon gen 3 onwards, however I have played all the main series games, and can’t wait until pokemon X/Y. I go through phases were i work through the older episodes of the anime, if time permits.

I really didn’t intend this post to go on aslong as it has but that’s just an intro from me. If anyone has any questions (i doubt you will) about my collection, what im looking to buy/sell etc please feel free to do so! I’ve been youtubing for a few years, but took a lot of my old videos down due to crappy camera quality. I currently have a few opening/collection videos on my channel, and I plan to expand my content to pokemon facts, interesting notes about pokemon, entertainment videos, updated higher quality collection videos, opening videos and so on. If you’d like to follow my videos please head over to my channel, which is iamnotlame.

VERY VERY sorry for the long post, but im glad to be apart of the forum guys and look forward to speaking, and getting to know you all in due course!

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Are you on Youtube? I recognise the username

Edit: should have read your post better lol! Welcome btw. :blush:

haha :blush:

Thanks buddy.

If you guys would like to see any specific videos btw please let me know. I’d LOVE to grow my channel to be as big as it can be.

Welcome to our forum

Naked dude kinda freaks me out a bit.

Just think of me as a machoke, with more lower body clothing

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I object to you stealing my picture to use as your own!


Selling a picture of gary! He does not look like that!


Welcome! :grin:

And welcome for sure iamnotlame:)

Funny enough, before i started doing videos, i didn’t think i had an accent.

You up from the North East to, or just know of the metro?

Thanks for the welcome buddy.

I work in Washington haha! Very close. Got anything you wanna swap, reminiscent of the school yard days haha :stuck_out_tongue:

Metro = shopping centre haha

Diamond & Pearl Legends Awakened PreRelease was my last one :stuck_out_tongue:

Dude…Do us all a favor and lose the picture.

No one else is saying anything but its creeping us out…no offense lol.

Actually I agreed with @KingPokemon

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Finally we agree on something…besides collecting dong!


This…Although its not there trying to cause offence, or disturb people out…i tend to use an actual picture of myself as avatar on all forums i go on.

I said something.
Use a picture of yourself with a shirt on. Easy fix. Haha.

I agree with the shirt idea. Or something pokemon related.
This site is primarily boys and men and most boys and men don’t find a naked picture of you very attractive…I say MOST.
Does anybody else here agree with DJG?

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In all fairness it’s his account and his image does not violate any of our rules. The profile picture does not feature any profanities nor does it feature explicit nudity. I am with DJ. Not to sound weird but as a person who enjoys working out I can appreciate the effort it takes to build and maintain such a physique.

We are here to welcome and support new members, not ridicule them for their profile images.