Iamnotlame Collection Thread

Hey guys, thought it was about time i get one of these threads created. A little about me for those who don’t know me.

I got back into collecting in 2008. Growing up, Pokemon was my childhood. There is no series, franchise, cartoon, game or “kids” thing that i loved more than pokemon, and that has stuck with me through my adult life. I got hooked in primary school to the anime, original topps cards, the trading cards, the games, toys, and anything pokemon related.

As I entered secondary school I still collected the cards, however most have my friends had “grown up” and were no longer interested. I lost interest in the series with gen 3, as many of us did, and moved onto things like yugioh, dragonball z, and non “kids” related stuff. However when Fire Red / Leaf Green were released, i got back into playing pokemon games, but it wasn’t until 2008 I started buying the cards again.

My collection consists of primarily WOTC cards or older japanese cards. I also keep a look out for various pokemon merchandise, such as games and sealed toys, however I don’t collect enough of them to consider myself a pokemon “toy collector”, rather Im a pokemon card collector, who also collects various other pokemon merchandise. (I also collect yugioh cards, and dragonball z merchandise, but to a much lesser extent than pokemon)

Ill use this thread to, over time, showcase a large part of my collection, and keep updating it with older things ive got along with new purchases.

Ok soooooooooooooooooooo, onto my latest collection addition. The pokemon Neo Genesis Unlimited Collection.

This was a set that as a kid i loved, and still do love. I remember getting my first experience of Generation 2 from pokemon magazines, “leaked” card scans, and japanese cards from car boot sales and markets. I bought the neo genesis started pokemon promo folder, which I still have in its packaging (albeit it isnt worth much anyway) however I was super excited for gen 2 as a kid. My first english experience of gen 2 was the cold fusion deck and some neo genesis booster packs, i pulled a Heracross from my first booster (Awesome!)

I managed to build up a fair amount of the neo genesis cards as a kid, however i didn’t complete the set.

My latest collection addition the complete neo genesis set:

Terrific set. Always a favorite:)

Congrats on the complete set. I’ve always loved that one.

Neo cards have definitely gained some popularity over the last two years.

Nice mate, this is one that I still need to complete but it sure it a beautiful set :blush:

Ive actually found that the prices of booster boxes, at least on neo genesis have dropped.

However neo revelation and destiny have held sky high prices for a number of years now.

I love them all, but its gonna be an expensive job completing revelation and destiny haha

Neo Revelation isn’t so bad. :wink:

You should be able to nab a NM/M set around $300.

@iamsolame, I would be able to sell you a 1st edition neo revelation and neo destiny set without the neo shinings cards if you offer me a good price.

all my WoTC sets are all 1st editions, Also have HGSS, DP, Platinum, and BW sets

Also, if you are looking for any other set, let me know. I’m planning to sell my entire collection.

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Sorry not been online in aggges. How much would you be be looking for? Im interested in all WOTC 1st edition sets (minus base set as i already have it)

Would prefer if you could list prices (or inbox me) and we cuold work from there.