Who would like to see more videos like this?

Hi guys,

As many of you may know from my intro thread: www.elitefourum.com/t/iamnotlame-says-hello-to-all/11489/1 I am a bodybuilder who like’s ‘geeky’ stuff. Now i am in no way calling Pokemon geeky, its just that the stereotype of an adult, heck even a mid-teen+, who collects Pokemon cards is considered geeky. Well I say screw that. Do what you wanna do, and do what makes you happy damn it!

I recently posted this video on my channel, not 100% pokemon related, but showing the types of ‘geeky’ stuff I collect and am into.

If anyone would be interested, I could do more in depth videos. If not, then just post here and tell me to STFU!

Thanks guys