Watching YouTube Box Openings???

This has always surprised me. Millions of people watching others open Pokemon boxes.

Yes, I know I’m in the great minority but I just don’t get it. I have no interest in viewing one of these videos. In fact, it would be torture for me to do so…as in bored. Is it my age? Is it my maturity level, or lack thereof;)

I guess my question is, why?


Gary you aren’t 11 enough to understand

In all seriousness for new product I get watching a box opening to see the new cards. And for vintage product it’s cool seeing someone pull “the” card. But constantly opening product is played out imo.


I only watch if the person isn’t freaking out and it’s a product you rarely see opened. Rusty’s 1st ed base box was something that I enjoyed watching because it was exactly that.


Possibly. I guess I wouldn’t mind watching a 1979 O-Pee-Chee or 1951 Bowman box being opened;)

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Hey gary, would you ever consider making youtube videos for us to watch? I know you are a busy guy, but I think a lot of us would enjoy some pokemon video content from the “king” of pokemon.

And I don’t get to entertained by box openings that much, unless I can learn something. Like I was pretty interested in the dark dragonite non holo error from team rocket. I watched some box openings of that to see how often it was pulled.(I’ve done that for a few cards I was interested in.) However watching new box openings is really boring to me.

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Lol, thanks:)
Scott and I have discussed doing an interview video but haven’t gotten it together yet. He didn’t like my demands of only bottled water, 60s rock music, and green M&Ms in his waiting room:(


The first time I watched a YouTube box opening video it was exciting. After that the novelty wore off. Especially when they blab on-and-on about nothing. But the good thing is watching all those 1st ed Base box opening. Just makes the price of an unopened box increase in value which is good for the hobby.


The joy of opening a box without paying anything? For a lot of people, especially kids, they can’t afford to buy an entire box to open so they have to live vicariously though YouTube.


Living vicariously.



I’m pretty sure there’s better ways to enjoy life than to watch someone else open boxes.
And I’m saying that as someone who has made videos like that.

When I was a kid, box openings had a whole different meaning😲

I’m sure you’re right:)


haha, jij ouwe snoepert :wink:
p.s don’t bother translating to English, the English haven’t figured out the technology to define this one yet.

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I like to watch skip to the end of those 1000 packs opening just to see the pull ratios.


I don’t mind watching box openings when I’m bored but they are certainly tanking in viewership on YouTube recently, not doing the numbers they used to. Reminds me of all the people who watch gameplay from video games, I can’t stand that. I’d much rather watch a trailer for a video game than hear someone else’s annoying commentary over the game footage… or just buy the game and sell it if it sucks.

The King does not understand the needs of the peasants.


This is a good point! That is the best way to get a real time understanding of the pull ratios.

In general box openings are for kids. As @pkmnflyingmaster mentioned, the average kid cannot afford a box, so it is exciting for anyone who values the current generation of pokemon.

As for the general trend of box openings, I would say it is dying at worst, and saturated at best. Derium is basically the box opening channel. He has the the earliest releases and largest volume. I know a few larger channels that are hurting for content as their prime time of being one of the few channels to strictly opening product has passed. This is mostly due to the format of opening a box being extremely easy to mimic. Basically the box opening format is about as unique as the literally modern product being opened.

I only watch people open base- jungle fossil boxes, that way it stops me from opening mine :joy: don’t really watch the new stuff, because meh

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