This is just wrong :|

So this guy I’ve noticed has been the topic of a lot of discussions lately.

Due to him trying to sell Yj items that aren’t his, and only buying them if someone over pays for his listing.

Well Looks like people are falling for it in the states :relieved:
Top two sold listings show he sold that Illustrator that was up recently

Cool! The Illustrator is going to be in another collector’s hands and away from him!
As long as everyone gets paid, I don’t see the problem?

I wouldve boughr an illustrator off him tbh.

You guys don’t get it smh…

He’s listing cards he doesn’t own.
The cards are being sold on a different site and he’s listing them as his to try to make a profit without actually owning the card.


That’s @m786ali from here


That’s @mm786ali he actually owns that box.

That is odd. Why not upload unique pictures? @m786ali

Thats terrible. He has sold all of his “inventory”!

From Merriam-Webster:

Fraud (n.) “a person who pretends to be what he or she is not in order to trick people”

This seller is creating fraudulent listings by pretending to be the actual owner of the card. That is why it is not okay and should be reported. Everyone should report the current Illustrator auction as I have done.

And @m786ali’s pictures are unique. They just look damn similar to the box on Y!J.

Good eye there @fourthstartcg! They look almost identical at first glance.

I understand the fact that the seller was making fraudulent listings, however, as I said before, as long as everyone gets paid I don’t see the huge issue?

If the seller is scammed from Y!J, that’s one thing. He isn’t covered, but the ebay buyer certainly is.
I also find it hilarious that there were 2 auctions for the one card. It definitely is really fishy, but as long as everyone is paid and gets everything legitimately, I mean he’s been doing it for weeks…

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He’ll make them do 2 partial payments

I wonder if he was the actual winner of the card. The bidder ID’s on yahoo displays the first three letters, and the winner was “Tak*****”. This is an assumption, and even if it were true, it is still scumbag to list a card you do not currently own.

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How’d he beat that noppin account if they had the same bid?

I have had that happen before on ebay. The winner won with a $75 bid, and the second highest bid was also $75. I always assumed that the next bid had to be higher.

Iv already won a box yesterday. The one listed currently is non 1st ed as far as I can tell. Compare the pictures they are different. I am in Italy atm till next so all my current auctions wont have original pictures which has been stated in the description.

As for takastyle anyone can message him and talk to him and you will realise from his reply he does not own the item he lists.

I’d rather buy from Tak second hand on eBay than on any crooked Jpn site that offers zero protection to the buyer.

The two payments of 8k and 4k may be to alleviate the possibility of generating the mandatory paperwork to the IRS for a $10,000.00 transaction.


I thought that was only for cash transactions.

Could be. I never split those amounts on auction either. I wonder why they would?

His just being a reseller… there are corporate enterprises that literally function perfectly annually by reselling… I used to work for one with IT infrastructure and technology.

There is usually 4 levels, manufacturer, distributor, reseller, and client / end user.

The reseller helps manage things usually in a neat way, like Gary mentioned above. Offering protection; or maybe perhaps one place to bulk buy, save on postage, save on custom charges, having express delivery networks setup.

I personally used to think it was completely unethical like you, but after I had to work for one, I see it’s okay… Still think the fact I sold / transacted the company millions and earnt zero commission was unethical; but that’s another story.