Ebay scam artist

Check out this d-bag’s items


Amalgamations of pictures of other cards on ebay lumped into large lots with attractive prices.

I really hope a poor soul doesn’t get conned into buying this and the other items this seller is selling :slightly_frowning_face:

Those aren’t all PSa are they?

Nope, just random graded card pictures he got from the web and stuck into a listing. He also has “8 mint 1st edition base cards” all also pictures from the internet.

The cards are still for sale on Ebay by their respective sellers! Hahah… The other pictures came from various internet sources including PSA card set registries! I’m surprised he didn’t use any of my pictures

It’s obviously fake. Things like that grind my gears!

You sure he couldn’t just have used stock photos?

In this case I’m positive it’s a scam. If you believe the listing buy the $2750.00 worth of cards for $1500.00. I’m sure you’ll make lots of profit :wink:.

As I said it’s random pictures of graded cards. He doesn’t even know what he’s selling.

I’m not trying to argue and I do regret posting however the map graded cards in the listing are still for sale on eBay. The Charizard is from the psa set registry of one of the collectors with the full set. I know I’ve seen it before.

Here is one for you: www.ebay.com/itm/Nintendo-Pokemon-Employee-Pikachu-Statue-Award-Trophy-RARE-Figure-Display-Japan-/270956127163?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3f163e63bb#ht_781wt_1398 it is Nintendo “employee trophy”…and is made of plastic. That right there should tip you off. It is a simply a telegram promotional item they did a few years back.

Lol! “Holy grail of pokemon collecting”

Is that not what people on this site do anyway? take various pictures of cards or obtain fake cards and then fraud everyone into believing they own them?

this topic is funny.

I can’t tell if your joking or if I should take that as a serious insult.
Either way, no, that is not what we do. So be quiet.

This the guy that started all that stuff on the gym about fake cards. Get out of here fruit cake!

Yes do please get out of here! He’s probably the guy who started the auction :wink:

Agreed! Sir your acuisations don’t have a leg to stand on. I, as with every other collector, can provide original photographs of my cards along with psa numbers and other documentation to verify that what I have is legitimate :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is another scammer. I wonder which card the buyer will receive…

Wow 26 bids with still nearly 2 days left at $152.50 + $3.79!
I wonder how high people will jump it in the last minute O.o

Wow that is just sad…I hate those kind of auctions :confused: …but at the same time people are foolish enough to bid on them…

I saw that too. I cannot believe people are bidding. That’s a disaster for the poor buyer.

The guy I originally made this about is back. Again, VERY attractively priced high end cards. He stole the picture of my PSA 10 Mewtwo :slightly_frowning_face: ahah


Don’t buy from this guy!

hey! what the hell. this metalcorefreakboii dude, how is he scamming people i don’t get it?
i ended up buying his cards and i just got a refund that’s it. what else has he been doing?
whats the point of putting a card up for sale and giving a refund etc?