Is it just me or do eBay listings like this GRIND YOUR GEARS

Only asking $8,000 per card, most aren’t pictured BUT its legitimate because $3,000,000.00 is going to charity.

Obviously a troll but other eBay collectors categories like Coins & Paper Money don’t allow Buy it Now listings over $2,500 unless the item is professionally certified. Collectible Card Games category is going to see this same restraint if trolls play games in a professional marketplace.


I like the Family Guy reference. That was a great episode. But yes tons of listings make me mad. Ones labeled first edition but arnt. Ones that say regrade??? Mystery listings and God last but the worst of all is the Replica listings that pop up when searching for good cards. Those are the main things on eBay That Really Grind My Gears! :slight_smile:


nothing makes me more annoyed then listings that are BGS and have psa 10 regrade???

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What the hell did I just read?

I usually just ignore those kind of listings. I browse for Pikachu cards pretty often, and you don’t want to know the amount of listings of heavy played Base Set or Jungle set unlimited edition Pikachu cards that are advertised for 100+ USD… I also hate Pokémon listings that have a bunch of things in the title completely unrelated, like “Pokémon Bulbasaur Base Charizard PSA-10 1st gold star crystal” when the listing is for a Bulbasaur as example. Everyone who searches for a Base Set, Gold Star, or Crystal Charizard will end up at that pesky Bulbasaur listing… Those kind of titles I mostly hate on eBay, and I sometimes report (although there are too many to report all…).

But overpriced items are just meh. I don’t hate them, but I do find them annoying. Especially for the Base Pikachu. Since there are so many variations, a high price might be justified for some rare variations, so I do look at pictures sometimes. But unlimited edition luckily is a variation I can just ignore unless it’s a miscut or something along those lines. 99.9% of the time it’s not worth the time to even look at.



Oh yeah they are easily ignored but what I’m saying is if people try and play too many games and post ridiculous listings in the category eBay will begin to impose stricter rules to limit that activity as pointed out in the other collectible categories. Along the same lines if you type in PSA 10 for many cards you’ll see a bunch or raw cards that say ‘candidate’ or ‘potential’ in the title. IMO PSA shouldnt be anywhere in the title or description if the card is not actually in a PSA case.

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“If you would like to email about the price I would be happy to do so (I am flexible when it comes to the price)”

You see guys? He’s flexible.

Who knows, maybe he’ll go all the way down to $15 million.


Agreed. Even if it’s a perfect pack fresh card it’s not worth anything more then near mint/mint price. If it’s grade able and you want to change extra that’s fine but go grade it yourself :slight_smile:

It wasn’t like this too long ago. Everything is so cut throat now that people are taking huge risks. It’s going to sink a lot of people that think they can flip cards to make money.

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What alot of these sellers don’t understand is as soon as you mention PSA in the title or description a buyer can buy the card full well knowing its not in a case then file an item not as described claim because it didn’t ship to them in a PSA 10 case. 100% of the time eBay will see that and side with the buyer and as discussed in previous threads the card returned my be the original card or maybe a used square of toilet paper

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The even better ones are the raw cards charging more then PSa 9 price like it’s a garenteed 10 and as if grading fees were free. Edit: Also it doesn’t help that everyone and their mom says “invest in Pokemon” the only thing that bothers me are tons of people have no interest in the cards but buy them up hoping to make quick money. Sometimes it’s easy to spot these people because they have no clue what their talking about. These are the same people that have unlimited cards listed as 1st edition

A buyer can do this regardless of whether or not you have PSA in the title. It’s a federal crime (in the U.S., at least) so it’s not super common, but having ‘PSA’ in the title doesn’t make it any easier for someone to defraud you.

Regardless, I totally agree that sellers including ‘PSA’ in the title of ungraded cards are annoying as crap and shouldn’t be doing it…if the card is in such great condition they should just grade it first lol.

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Agreed if they are going to defraud you it doesn’t matter the title. I’m just saying it gives buyers a free out when the card doesn’t show up in a PSA case regardless of the return policy. Why would sellers do that to themselves… Granted most of the instances or new low feedback sellers that haven’t yet had that enjoyable experience of a return yet :blush:

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It’s the worst when your first starting out selling a item. You get the small amount of money probably spent some of it. Then here comes return claim. It’s horrid haha.

I see listings like these and say “…shheeeeet you and me both…” Ha! :slight_smile:

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I mean. I’m sitting on some PSA 10 candidates on newer stuff that will likely have value in the far future. However, it’s not worth the effort for me right now to spend money to grade them, send em off, wait 4/6 months. Sometimes it’s easier to just sell them as candidates. I could sit on them and grade em later if they become valuable, but sometimes you just want the cash.

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That’s great to have high grade raw cards IMO don’t use the three letters PSA anywhere in a title or listing unless it’s actually encased by PSA. NM or MINT are great adjectives to use if you feel the cards warrants that condition and are not biding to an entity.

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Understood. But, in principle, I don’t think it’s right to advertise ungraded cards as likely to receive a certain grade. It’s attributing a characteristic to the card that it doesn’t yet have, but might eventually have. I think it’s better to let buyers assess the condition of a card on their own and draw their own conclusions on how it would fare with PSA. But to each their own.

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100% on the false advertising front.
Says holo when it’s not
1st edition when it’s not
Shadowless when it’s not

The over priced ones will be there, it is what it is. People can try to sell for what price they want. But false advertising should not be allowed. If a car dealership advertised as a 2019 model but sold a 2017 model they would face a lawsuit.
Some parent out there or new collector will end up buying it only to be scammed.
Personally think it should be against the rules to lie like this. eBay is all about the buyer, yet doesn’t protect them this way.

Maybe worse…look at some of the postings on


He actually sold it though. but for 2500