eBay Garbage

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I have been wanting to make a thread for ebay trash on here for awhile. Today is the day thanks to a recent seller I just stumbled upon.

I wanted to make this to help out the members on here by giving examples of bad sellers and bad auctions to stay away from.

The first to make this list is djsquallo

What is wrong with this auction is the ridiculous shipping amount. When you list an item, ebay suggests the maximum shipping amount for the item, which for cards is rarely above $10 for domestic. It is an ebay policy and if you do have excessive shipping you can be suspended from ebay.

I went ahead and reported this guy because I can’t stand seeing sellers trying to con people with petty crap.

Anyway if you have any other experiences or poor listings go ahead and post them to help the community steer clear of bad auctions.


What is this? Another seller trying to avoid eBay auction fees and gain unethical profit…?

I really hate sellers using this method to avoid fees and lure potential buyers with hollow promises. I have previously been enticed by this charlatan manoeuvre - you feel so stupid afterwards :angry:


As someone has pointed out to me, there is no reason for stupid shipping fees now, because eBay now take a cut on the entire price


Exactly! The method of luring people in for a fair auction then when they pay they see that outrageous shipping :confused:


Ebay just take a cut on the BIN price not the price and delivery. whearas paypal take a cut on the total amount.

To be fair i do this when i sell online game codes on ebay because there is a small profit margin in the business so really you have to try and save as much as possible

But with Pokemon card you should’t be doing be increasing the delivery more than $10 ulnless the card are really rare and youve put insurance on them like i do.


Yes. There is no reason for anything to be above $10 shipping domestic, unless the buyer expresses that they want insurance, or express mail.

The seller knows what he is doing :confused:

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I think, if I remember what a seller told me, is that they put high shipping on it because it lowers the listing cost (Like 1 dollar item with 20 dollars shipping). :confused: I have to kind of blame Ebay for that- it should just matter the TOTAL cost of the item, not how much you have the item listed for.

Just found a couple overpriced auctions.

Fan Club Promo I purchased this for $70 from smason108 and he is usually expensive.

Birthday Pikachu This card recently sold for $60 after price conversion. It is grossly overpriced. Also this seller won an auction of all 6 natta wake cards from jimmy hume.

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@smpratte – Thank you for mentioning an appropriate price for the [Fan Club Lottery Promo 096/PCG-P]. I want to obtain it in the future, yet wasn’t completely aware of its price range (or any price point, rather).

I always observe $200 - $300 price ranges for [Natta Wake No. 6 Birthday Pikachu], which is absolutely ridiculous.

There is a pikachu listed in the uk at about $90 and has an offer option!

The fan club card is definitely around $70. There is even an english print with the same illustration as that one.

@smpratte - Nah, I’m good. I obtained [Natta Wake No. 6 Birthday Pikachu] sealed inside the comic book for half of that price x)

Unique, that is good! The one’s on ebay are all high, even the one at $90 :confused:

Reina the illustration is awesome! The english version is from the pop 4 series. It has the same illustration but in english and the price is extremely less!

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Oh, look - another overpriced Natta Wake No. 6, Birthday Pikachu


In addition, I have had multiple bad experiences with a particular seller in regards to instances of lost items in transit.


I am done with this seller. I have tried having my cards mailed to Canada and to the US, both attempts descending into failure. Obviously, he doesn’t want to enforce insurance or tracking numbers with his purchases and clearly has a problem shipping overseas. If you live in the western hemisphere, stay clear of this seller!

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Yes! That french seller is extremely overpriced. He took a french base set sheet and cut it up expecting what the entire sheet is maybe worth on each 4 cuts cards. I think I purchased my teach cards from him or hypercanth, either way I have not had good business with the french, ever :slightly_frowning_face:

But you got your teach cards right?

Did you have to pay full price for them?

Because of the price? Or something else?

Because of prices, some of the cards prices are laughable.

Another laughable listing,


I contacted this seller and gave them a link to what it is actually worth and they replied saying that 100 people viewed it so people are interested. They also wanted to know if I wanted to make an offer :grin: :grin:

@smpratte - Doesn’t he realize that every WC Pokémon Card has a signature? x)

You should autograph a [Weedle, Base Set (69/102)] card, and offer to trade for it :grin:

hahaha that is a good idea. Except I would probably lose more in that trade :wink: :blush:

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