Scammer on eBay

Hi all, I am not sure if this is the correct section to post this, but I noticed this guy on eBay selling what looks like Gary’s Pokemon cards.
Will report this guy immediately. FYI.



I saw this as well, I think a couple guys pointed it out. But its awesome this community looks out for each other :grin:

Ha! He listed the album martin shkrelli bought for 2 million and then re-auctioned for a little over 1 million maybe a month ago or so? This guy is just trying to list a bunch of stuff take the money and run. On top of that he has a bunch of fake charizard auctions.

Wow scroll to the bottom of that listing after the days of whitespace … “You will receive THIS IMG PRINT OUT PHOTO COPY”.

Worst scam attempt ever

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Someone bid on it too. :unamused:

The worst part is on eBay mobile, the option to actually read listing terms is on another page and a good percentage of the time buyers just skip through it. Everyone is on their phones nowadays so I’d say a good 85% of potential buyers completely miss this. eBay definitely doesn’t help the situation and it seriously has to be changed. But of course, most people just refuse to read a block of even 100 words, plain and simple.

I don’t know why it is still listed, I just reported it.

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There is a new stupid ebay rule, where photos cant have watermarks. Which people can edit out but it helps protect images. I dont see why they would stop allowing such. I guess you have to write a note, or place or certain figure/plush/some sort of physical marker in background of photo (when taking pictures) to declare its yours. With soo many ppl stealing images and trying to scam on ebay, you would think they would crackdown harder on those scammers not people w their own photos.

Also watch out for ‘‘jetforcegemini64’’, been scamming plenty of people over that past month. Seems to be inactive now, however it might change when the dust is settled.

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I saw Jetforcegemini64. I was super sceptical when he didn’t accept paypal. However, i still bought one card off of him and it arrived fine to my amazement. After this, he started sending me lots of messages being like “I have some booster boxes i am looking to sell…are you interested?” By his mannerisms, it became relatively evident that he was trying to scam me.

Long story short, he ended up accusing me of trying to SCAM HIM because I wouldn’t pay instantly. He sent me in excess of 10 aggressive messages telling me how stupid I was for not taking the deal. I can definitely see how he could bully someone into going through with the transaction.

If only i had been a member of Efour at the time, I would have tried to warn everyone about him. i think i still have his phone number if anyone who was scammed wants to dig further into it.

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too bad someone with that name is scamming, that was such an N64 gem

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Well I am glad to hear someone atleast got something from him, and then escaped his plans! But since he has recieved about 20 negative feedbacks within 2-3 weeks I doubt everyone had that experience :slightly_frowning_face: And yea his aggressive style was very evident when he and I talked aswell, a not so pleasant experience :confused:

Ive got a little story about this guy. So I realised when he didn’t have paypal as an option that this was a scam. He had only made an account a month earlier and what he was doing was legitimately selling cheap cards that were going for like.99c over a short time period to get some feedback. Then he was putting up booster boxes (some of which had already been sold). However I played along to it all and seemed like an intrigued buyer. In the end I got him to send me his full name and bank account but I forgot to follow it up with eBay afterwards and tell them about it! I told him I was going to report him to the police too. It was prty funny when he realised he had been done!

This is his details for reference in the future (I’m not sure if that is his actual name though…).

Hahaha this guy! Nice job tho Mr. Cockstock007 :wink:


whoa! I thought ebay sellers HAD to accept paypal … Or did this change recently?


I don’t think it’s totally new addition to ebay, through the years I’ve stumbled upon many listings which don’t offer Paypal as payment method and had to continue looking same item from elsewhere.

Nope, i’ve come across a bunch of people from different european countries that only accept bank transfer. Ebay is already limiting their sellers’ base by forced credit cards wich are very uncommon in some countries, no need to limit that even more by forcing paypal on people too. A lot of people i know had never even heard of paypal before i mentioned it. Someone from work has asked me to buy some things for her online before cause she doesn’t have paypal and doesn’t want to bother with it.
Also keep in mind, in belgium (and maybe other countries too) paypal accounts are technically “bank accounts abroad” wich need to be filled in in your taxes etc :stuck_out_tongue: even if there’s no money on the actual acount. Since they are USA based after all.

You do? I never filled in PayPal with my taxes (mainly because there is never anything on it, and here in The Netherlands I only have to fill in the total amount of money of all my bank accounts, instead of per).

But it’s indeed true that a lot of people here don’t even know what PayPal is. My mom and dad recently discovered (Chinese webshop with all kind of stuff), but are only using their credit card for their purchases. And my little brother comes to me if he wants to buy something abroad that only accepts PayPal, because he doesn’t have one himself…

I personally use iDeal or bank transfer within The Netherlands (and sometimes for Belgium / French / German sellers as well), PayPal for everything else (and in very rare occasions my parent’s credit card when a webshop doesn’t have a PayPal option - since I don’t have a credit card myself; my PayPal is linked to my bank account).