Any Advice?

Hey all,

I’ve been lurking for a while now, occasionally popping up here and there, but I could use some advice. Apologies if this is the wrong place, let me know if so.

I’ll try to keep it short, but I’m kind of seething. Basically, about a month ago now, I saw a bundle of 6 cards, including a first edition base set Charizard, all of which were described as mint (actually, gem mint, but yeah…). So I made an offer, and the seller replied saying at that price he’d only sell directly through paypal to avoid fees. I was suspicious, and, it must be said, naive, but I actually thought that was ok. At least I’d still have paypal’s buyer protection. Plus the seller had 100% feedback, so I thought it would be fine. So after some to-ing and fro-ing, the seller and I decide on a price and he sends the invoice (charging me in pounds first rather than dollars, but I spotted this ‘mistake’ soon enough). I make the payment and then decide to search for his username to see if anyone here has come across him. Not doing this first was a huge mistake.

Apparently a few of you are familiar with rhea0098.

At this point though I was actually still optimistic, even going so far as to imagine coming on here and saying how easy he was to deal with. Hey, I was about to get a mint condition base set 'zard!

A couple of days pass and I don’t hear from him, then he finally he says he sent the item and will forward the tracking info when he gets home. Fine. A few more days pass and nothing, so I message him saying if he doesn’t pass it along I’ll assume he hasn’t sent it and open a case. He replies within the hour telling me that I’ve ‘jumped the gun’ and that he’s been distracted, and forwards the tracking info. According to the tracking number he’s literally just posted it before sending the number to me.

I receive the package and, suffice it to say, there are scratches on the front, noticeable edge wear and a kind of ‘dirt’ (it’s hard to describe) all over it. I message him like asking if he can do a partial refund or if I can return the item. Obviously, it’s unfortunate but the card must have been damaged during shipping (miraculously the other 5 were fine).

I open a case with paypal and they decide in his favour after just a day. Now I’m legitimately angry. I call them up and they open an appeal of the case, and tell me to send along an assessment from a third party to an email. After then being told to upload it instead, they can’t accept it for some reason. I reach out to Barney Ludkins, an unbelievably helpful guy who runs a grading service here in the UK, and he says he’ll be able to help me out, so I send him the Charizard. Presently I’m waiting on him getting back to me with his assessment.

Then today I get an email from paypal saying that if I don’t fax (seriously? Why can’t I just upload it like I did before? Or, you know, email you like the first guy said I could) them the document by tomorrow they’ll be forced to decide in the seller’s favour.

Sorry for the rant, and thank you if you managed to make it through all that. I’m really annoyed right now, so if any of you have any suggestions, I’d be really grateful.

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This guy is a known scumbag. I’m sure any of our more well-known ebay members ( @smpratte, @garyis2000 ) would help you out with the paypal case and testify to this guy’s shadiness. Not sure what else you can do though.

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Everyone here hates the guy with his bs story about needing the money for a new car a new house and how all of his cards are psa 10 but he is doing it cheap because he doesnt want to put all the work into getting them psa graded.

Everytime I see his name I want to punch a baby.


Unfortunately there are a few sellers with 100% feedback who are scumbags. Those handful of individuals skirt the rules by shill bidding, using false or misleading information, outright lying or manipulation. This individual rhea0098 exhibits all of those qualities. The pound charge is unbelievable. I am sorry you had to go through this ordeal. He is a bonafide scammer.

Gary or I could state our “expert” opinion, but I am not sure if it will suffice. Last time someone reached out to me for a comparable situation, paypal requested a formal letter of authenticity with a letterhead including the companies information. If they would accept mine or Gary’s opinion, I would be more than willing to help.

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I believe he is on our blacklist with this type of behavior included in the cause.

DiarReah strikes again…

Sick of him.


If you look at any of the people who win his auctions it is always someone with 0 feedback or just 1.

He is the AIDS of Ebay and anyone sellable


unbelieveable a case is going the sellers way. If he said it was shipping damage how is he still not responsible?

Sure, happy to help.

Best way to deal with anybody with a weak reputation…they must ship first or no deal.
My last two deals with him worked out perfect but I always got the cards first.

Wow, I’m really quite touched by the offers of help, I really appreciate it! I submitted a letter detailing the card’s condition with a letterhead and relevant contact information, so hopefully that will suffice. I’ll be sure to update you when I hear back.

Again, really grateful for the offers of help.

This guy sullies the good name of diarrhoea.


To be fair, if it was legitimately shipping damage, then I could accept that it’s just an unfortunate incident. But it’s so blatantly obvious that that’s not what happened.

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That’s a really fair way of thinking about it too.

Crappy Deal, hope you can get money back or something.

So after submitting a two assessments, pictures of the card, a letter detailing the situation and an angry email (perhaps I shouldn’t have done this), the case has still been decided in the seller’s favour. Literally the only reason I can think of is the seller has some pull at Paypal. I just called them and the lady I spoke to said that the document should have been accepted, so she’s appealing it again.

It’s not so much the card that gets me, but it’s more that there’s some scammer out there freely getting away with this that really makes my blood boil. Does the Green Arrow look into cases like this?

Regardless, let me naivety be a lesson to everyone else.


to be fair i don’t think you’ve been stupid. even if you knew he was a twat you did the transaction through paypal and gave yourself some sort of protection, i honestly can’t work out how he is winning this… do you have a poor record with paypal at all??

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I don’t think so… I’ve had to open cases for two items previously that the seller never sent and then ignored my messages, and I once had a negative balance on my account that I didn’t realise, though I fixed that quickly enough.

It’s more the feeling the feeling of being wronged that’s getting me, and I’ve lost so much trust in paypal. But going forward I have no choice but to use them anyway. Such is life.

Good news, after several appeals, the case has still been decided against me. I spoke to somebody who said that the reason for this is because there was no listing for them to evaluate what was being sold (that’s not true, I gave them the listing number), and that Paypal will only accept an appeal if the initial case was brought about incorrectly (I find this hard to believe). The guy I spoke to recommended I speak to my bank about doing a chargeback, which I thought I’d have to end up doing regardless.

The most frustrating part about the process has been that, initially, I wasn’t asked to provide any more information; I was told I would be contacted if they needed anything. Oh, and the way they said ‘the item is as described’ and that the documentation they received was late and didn’t meet their guidelines, both of which are not true. The documentation I submitted did meet their guidelines and was submitted before the deadline, so I really feel quite angry that they’re hiding behind those points as reasons for their decision.

Anyway, if I don’t update this again, assume I’m too embarrassed/angry because my bank couldn’t help :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you try opening a case with eBay?

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They need s listing for review??? What about when u do transactions outside ebay completely (which they love)?