In light of the recent post about a buyer attempting to scam, I just experienced something I have never experienced before and figured I would share so others would not have to either. I had a buyer purchase a few graded cards from me. A couple were through ebay, the other two were outside of ebay because they made their 3 offers and were automatically declined.

The buyer was international, and first was upset they had to pay custom duties. Then, they tried to lie and say I did not pay the full postage, which is impossible with express international mail. Once that failed, they asked me how to tell if a graded card is legitimate. I explained that all graded cards are authenticated, and offered to take a look at an auction they felt was suspicious. This is when the real fun starts.

The buyer then claimed that my cards were tampered… He found out what “showing” meant from a quick google search, similar to how people search webmd and then self diagnose themselves with a disease. What makes this even more ridiculous is that I was the one who graded the cards… I linked the buyer the order with the exact card highlighted.

After this discussion, if it even qualifies as a discussion, I wake up to find that he opened a paypal claim on every single card purchased. He opened one that was purchased through ebay as well. I had to spend a good 2 hours on the phone with ebay and paypal explaining everything. The claims are still open, and I have to wait to see what the verdict is.

If you ever see this username: fiendin4kush, prepare yourself.

JEEZ! That is terrible.

Please post an update.

I had a similar (much lesser extent) circumstance where a claim was opened because I marked my PSA 10 cards as “new” and the cases had hairline cracks/snowing on the edges, just a tiny bit from the PSA presses. The cases were brand new. The buyer wanted a $25 partial refund which he thought was “fair” on a $60 card. Sheesh. I told him to send them back to me for a full refund.

What a damn scumbag! :angry:

I hope everything goes in your favour, I hate scammers.

This blacklist would be good. Its easy to copy and paste from here and add them to the eBay block buyer list.
Let’s start with elam :wink: jk

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I have an update on this situation. Two cases were closed in my favor, which were the transactions done through paypal. I was temporarily relieved until I read that he appealed them. Luckily, the appeal fell short since there was no evidence.

However, the transaction that was done through ebay, guess what, paypal (ebay) decided that he is going to return the item and I have to provide a refund because the item was not as described. Good old eBay protecting the buyers like the mafia. I called paypal and asked how they concluded this, and they told me he had an affidavit from a card dealer saying it was tampered…

In light of this scumbagery, I searched the buyers email, and look at what I found. Literally the second result on google is of him spamming. If you run into “avery1010@hotmail.com”, or “fiendin4kush” stay away.

What a damn scumbag! Do this, film yourself receiving the packages and then opening them, then if the items are not the ones you were to receive (which is very likely) send the video to PP. We had a guy on a watch forum do this and PP went in favor of the seller, the other guy had sent a deodorant bar back to the seller…

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Cuju’s suggestion sounds really good Scott, I hope it works out for you! Keep us posted

I’ve got a few names to add to that list! :stuck_out_tongue:

There is a new sub category in the Sour Grapes section. I was not sure whether to add a sticky thread or make a new section that members can make a specific post for each problem.

That should be fine. We needed to get something up to help inform others. Especially since ebay heavily favors the buyer, more unfortunate experiences like the one in this thread will occur more frequently. We can always adjust it down the road if need be.

You guys be the judge and just to let you know hes already lying about a lot of things on this post including the thing about the shipping i said he didnt pay roflmfao… actually i told him VERY clearly that the lady at the post office tried saying to me at first that the shipping wasnt paid and i said are you sure that he didnt pay postage and she flipped the package over and said WOOPS! its a 35$ Custom fee and Smpratte even laughed with me about the fact the post office lady was a noob… Bro you have put yourself in such a bad position and not only that i have others who are instantly backing me up about this and telling me old blogs about you being in the spotlight everywhere about scamming. Not only that 95% of the sellers that i had these cards purchased from were very interested in my findings! the real question is why are you so defensive and mean to buyers you act like a shining knight on this forum but behind the scene you treat people like trash. Here’s some pics you can all make your own decisions… and don’t try to troll me back I wont answer… this is strictly in my defence.




I don’t know the exact situation but custom fees have nothing to do with the shipping price. Also paying the custom fees is not the sellers responsibility so don’t blame him for that. And what were you trying to mark with your red lines?

Yeah, they don’t look tampered with at all…
Sometimes PSA leaves some “frosting” when they seal the cards but those ones look pretty clean. Whoever you talked to must not be familiar with these items.

In my personal opinion, you love to circle things D: But it doesn’t look like it’s tampered with.

OH forgot to add in my defense to the tampered cases that my 15X Magnification Microscope does not tell lies and i can see the PRIED open areas where you can see the plastic was deliberately lifted by a tool to get in the case i bet you did not expect someone to be packing a Microscope did you?

P.S Stop banning my accounts makes you look more guilty

Well i was informed that this site is filled with the same imposters that im dealing with, this post will go no where but help the scammers do a cleaner job so im outtie.

LOL! This site is filled with the top card collectors from around the globe.

Sigh…accuse an entire forum for your unfortunate ebay experience. Not the best way to make your case.

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My lawyer advised me not to say anything further.


If your username is “fiendin4kush” then you’re probably not the most mature user