Unbelievable Scam

Recently, to be exact, June 10th of this year, I had a guy purchase my PSA 10 1st edition Dark Raichu. Here was the auction. I was excited because that the card received the grade and also the pretty nice price for it. However, I noticed an email through paypal that the guy did not receive his item. I waited another two weeks and it did not arrive and I gave him a full refund on the card to protect my 100% feedback (that 100% feels so good).

I was somewhat suspscious because the guy never communicated with me and he had only psa graded cards for sale on his site. So, in the off chance that he might re-list the item, I kept one of his ended auctions on my account and sure enough he re-listed the card.

Not only did he re-list it, it sold with a lot for $200 and he never shipped it to the buyer. Here is his feedback page. No I did not click on his negative feedback, that is literally all of the most recent feedback he has received!

What really stings about the whole situation is that I had the card graded myself. Here is the PSA Cert number for the card. I spent an hour on the phone with ebay/paypal and they said they cannot give a refund since I gave the refund initially to cover my feedback. They will be reporting him for fraud and he will probably be banned for life from ebay, but I still am out a solid $100.

Moral of the story, nothing above $50 should be shipped internationally without tracking. This guy is a real scumbag and I still am in shock.

Ugh I hate that! Buyers like that are becoming more and more prominent, it’s scary! If I want to send any package to the US with tracking it costs bare minimum $19.00. So selling really sucks for me… My options are: absorb a major shipping cost loss, or up my shipping costs and watch the tumbleweed roll across my eBay store. :\

I feel you Jason. The fee here is $30 for Canada and $38 outside of that. The system is flawed and allows this kind of scam to exist, it sucks for honest sellers.

Try registered mail Scott, it’s not as expensive as the express, but it still has a tracking number. It isn’t as fast though. Should save you a good $10-15 on international shipping.

I feel the same way Reina. I explained how I wanted to protect my 100% feedback, which is basically doing the right thing. I actually plan on calling them again tonight and seeing if there is any possible way to get some sort of credit.

Yes that is ridiculous, eBay should be ashamed really. EBay seems to be making itself a buyer scamming paradise lately…

I had a buyer claim non delivery on a $600 package (foolish of me to not track it, I know). I refunded them, and their eBay store is my home page. If I ever see that box relisted, I’ll flip! Either way, lesson learned the hard way.

I started that as a result of the screw-up above. This happened in May or June.

well for me i always get a tracking number for anything being sold over 100 just to be safe really even if its in the states you can never be too carefully but it does suck alot ebay did that.if i sold something like that and i saw it get relisted i would also flip like crazy on it but ebay needs to change their policy’s more than just making it sellers worse nightmare especially with the dang fees they have

Well it looks like Australia is not done trying to take money from me. I woke up to another message for a guy named, “Nic Day”. He purchased a few cards from me backn in June and early July. Now he is claiming that the transactions were not authorized. I went ahead and checked his profile and his last purchases were all graded pokemon cards. He actually purchased some from Jason as well as ebirdman (Ed). Here is his profile.

If anyone sells on ebay I would recommend adding him to the blocked section. Two scams from Australia in one week, New Record!.

Not authorized?

I sold him quite a few graded cards, none of which were shipped with tracking. He left feedback for all of them, and he confirmed receipt of them. If he tries to pull something I’ll flip.

What is messed up is that he literally purchased your item a day after the one he is saying was unauthorized…I just can’t believe the scum that exists out there. Scamming through pokemon. The guy might as well punch some babies just to see if he feels any sort of empathy.

I’m seriously hating eBay. I now search the feedback all prospective buyers have left for others. If they’ve left feedback for sellers it’s a good indication, but we still get things like this happening…

I now cancel bids of sketchy people on my auctions, I decline good offers, I’m scared of any new buyers. Everything is a disaster, and sellers pay the price. I’ll go as far as paying the extra $15 for tracked shipping myself on cheap items just for security :\

I feel the same way. I hate having to worry if the person I am sending something to is going to take advantage of me. I am probably going to cut Australia from buying anything from me. I have lost the most items there and had three attempted scams, including these two recent ones.

I just do not understand how people live with themselves trying to steal money through ebay. It is one thing if a card is damaged or there is a legitimate issue, but to be consciously aware that you are screwing someone, that is a mentality I will never comprehend.

UGH! That’s a shame! You’re a really wonderful seller and it’s wrong that they took advantage of you like that :slightly_frowning_face: Yeah, I would track too considering the cost of tracking can’t be that much more. I’ve seen people tracking 5 dollar purchases XD

I hope he gets what’s coming to him…

I wanted to buy a magic card from an ebay user named ABUGames. They always had a few thousand old/rare auctions going and i got a msg back saying “We are no longer selling singles on ebay.” They must have been burned in a similar fashion. ebay is getting ridiculous with its policies and ever increasing fees!

I agree. They do not protect the sellers at all. Any country shipping to the US has nothing to worry about since the US updates tracking on all international items. However, shipping internationally from the US the same standard is not there, allowing for situations such as this one to occur.

The moral of the story is, actually, ship anything above $50 ANYWHERE, including your own country, with tracking, NOT just people overseas.

Quite frankly, it bothers me that, as an admin on this forum, you are setting this prejudice against international buyers, specifically Australians. May I remind you that if it weren’t for international sellers, I doubt you would have some of the cards you do, because it’s quite likely you purchased cards from Japan or other countries, correct? How would you feel if they wouldn’t sell to you simply because you’re American, and they had bad experiences with Americans? :confused:

As an AUSTRALIAN buyer, I am a bit upset at your posts, especially as I would never scam anyone, and that if I wanted one of your cards in the future, you would not sell to me simply because my country of origin is not the same as yours.

If you want to encourage people to have tracking on their items, please do so, but please be so kind as to not promote intollerance like this through fear. :confused: Not all of us here are scammers. :slightly_frowning_face:

Same thing here too - everything that is sent here when I have checked tracking, it’s ALWAYS updated. :x

Skinst, You are not reading what I said, you are talking about something that is not even being discussed. Every item I ship has tracking. I have had a business on ebay for years, the statements made are on merit.

Whenever I print out a first class shipping label, it is tracked in the US, then when it reaches the country of destination, it is not updated. The only packages that are updated are Express mail and sometimes priority/registered.

However, when shipping anything to the US with a tracking label, it is fully tracked. Regardless of what method was used, the US tracks everything coming in. This is how the system works.

No one is suggesting Australia or any country in particular will scam someone. The point is that if every country had the same standard as the US when it came to tracking, the opportunity to scam would not exist.

Stuart, I noticed you said “major item”. For example, when I shipped the 1999 win to you, it was done with Express which will always track. The problem is the more affordable methods that customers want to pay which do not get updated consistently.

Also, as an admin, skinst, do not attack members or make false claims, especially admins who crate a site for you to attack them on. You need to read what is actually being said.