Not having a good eBay week...

I have had a few hiccups like most people on ebay, but this week has just been one thing after another. I almost always just eat the listing when I take a gamble, but when I ask or am told certain things, the last thing I need is to be stuck with trash not even close to what was listed…

I win an auction for 109 cards, listing looks okay, some decent pictures of all the cards together, all cards are sleeved and listed as 95% near mint - gem mint. So naturally I assume they will be near mint with maybe a few closer to mint based on how people grade, and almost 20 were in toploaders. A very small bubble mailer with all the cards thrown loose inside, some in top loaders, other just in sleeves for . Start going through the cards; dirt, very heavy scratching and some bends/creases on the sleeved cards. Okay, well maybe they were damaged in the mail, the toploaded ones should be fine. Start pulling them out, can immediately see bends, dents, scratches & dirt on them as well…So maybe 10 total of the cards in NM condition, 35 (If i remember right) were damaged and the rest were LP at best.

Message the guy, (messages read bottom to top)

Then…(bottom to top again)

Now I am, “trying to scam him out of his cards and money” :face_with_spiral_eyes: caught me!

Second Seller: Bought a binder of 82 cards in NM condition for way too much. It arrives, I start going through it…EX, EX, damaged, damaged…AGAIN?!

"You told me they were all NM, I keep finding damaged cards throughout.

“Send them back for a refund”

Okay, “Thanks for wasting our time, please describe the items correctly next time”

“You’re welcome. You’re a great addition to the ebay community. I love highly satisfied customers that don’t whine and complain. I list my items correctly. Grading is subjective and if you want mint cards you should buy psa cards. If you can’t afford it, dont buy ungraded cards and complain about imperfections. Thanks”

Grading is surely subjective, but damaged never means NM. As for the whining and complaining parts, they’re right. Should never expect a NM card to not have creases or bends, BUY A PSA CARD CHEAPO!

Last Seller : See some listings for a 9 cards in a page, purchase two of them. Were they too good to be true? Maybe, but the lighting and pictures led me to believe someone was just dropping their old collection. Seller only had 1 feedback, should be fine. Look at the sold listings and see hes still listing items with the exact same pictures as the ones I bought…okay…

Now I must say its been a bad day with the other two packages and members I was dealing with, so I was over it…

At this point he marks them both as shipped without any tracking, My guess is to avoid me being able to ask to cancel…

I asked again about my refund today, he told me “the more you hastling me, the longer you wait” Heh, hastling.

Well there you have it, put me on the blacklist and call the cops, I am a giant scammer! It has been a really odd week in terms of eBay and probably the worst week i’ve had. Maybe I am too critical since I hold myself to a high standard when selling and describing items. Oh well, what a week!

That’s Rough. I haven’t had any bad experiences with Ebay yet (only 34 feedback), but I know it’s inevitable and I dread the day I have to deal with people like this.

I hear ya, I’ve run into a string of them lately myself. I also bought some of the first listings that “profighter62702” listed. All were “shipped” no tracking and I now have cases open on them. Same issue as you but then he went nuts with posting all sorts of listings with the same images and most of them look like they are taken from various other auctions. Needless to say he is attempting to scam.

Yeah. Not sure how I am attempting to scam though…I guess I have 109 IDENTICAL cards from the originally seller that are in terrible condition that I am going to exchange for him gem mint ones… People love to throw that word around, insert Montoya Meme…

Won two auctions for graded cards yesterday. Got them at a decent price, nothing crazy. Seller mails me today saying that they are refunding me, for no reason at all. When I asked he said there was a problem with one of the cards, yet canceled both.

What a week

I will show him! I am going to buy cards I want, crumple them up and send them back to scam him! People really don’t think, I have a feeling this is a child…

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The worst thing is when a seller accuses you of trying to scam them for asking for a refund, when in fact it is the seller that is trying to pull a con-job. More than the monetary amount of the refund itself, I care more about justice being delivered in the case of false-accusation. That shit drives me ballistic.


I feel your pain Joe…but:

Best to ask yourself, “What can ‘I’ do to prevent these things from occurring?”. After all, that’s three in a week:(

Buying loose lots from 1 rated sellers I may cross off my list;)


I remember the profighter guy sold what looked like a complete set of 1st edition gym heroes for $12 last Sunday. A week or two will tell whether he’s legit. As for scammers, don’t waste your time battling them in messages. Just open a case at the first stupid response and ebay will decide in your favor.

I worry more about buyers scamming than sellers at this point. Had a buyer purposefully damage a card from a set to make his return case then also stole one of the holos from the set and kept it. eBay wouldn’t do anything to help me cause they couldnt prove anything. Even recommended I try to coax the original buyer to admit that he damaged the card. Then they would potentially do something if he fessed up. Like… really?

They tell me it’s the cost of doing business and I need to accept it.


Totally not legit but good luck none the less.

I had surgery on Saturday hahahah thats gold


I’m not the one who bought it; just waiting on whoever did to leave feedback. I’ve scored some pretty disgusting deals from sellers who didn’t know what they had, so I avoid jumping to conclusions without conclusive evidence.

Hah I hear ya, but i’ve scored some pretty good deals from very low rated new sellers before, I just can’t believe some of the responses I get.

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Yes yes yes I share your pain

Ah yes, the typical seller who sells you poop-condition cards and then accuses you of trying to scam them when you inevitably ask for a return… Good ol’ eBay.

It’s a waste of time and annoying when that happens, but at least it isn’t difficult to get a refund through eBay.

UPDATE! Returned an item, used the ebay shipping label and it did not update (unknown to me) a tracking number. Well fun fact, if the server doesn’t recognize it the tracking number never existed. I didn’t know this until today, reminding me to send the item back (which was sent back last week). The second sheet has no tracking number, just instructions. Seller isn’t happy with me, so I don’t expect him to be honest at all about receiving it. Called eBay and talking to a rep, she somewhat believes me, but its hard to argue with automation being wrong.

Decided to open the case page and noticed the item was relisted 21 hours ago (meaning the received it and haven’t issued a refund because eBay says it wasn’t shipped). I informed the Rep and shes looking into the situation, so ALWAYS write down tracking numbers, might be out $200.

Relisted Auction

Update 2: Tells me they need a tracking number or to try to contact the seller, because they can’t verify its the SAME item. Sooo looks like I am out my eBay bucks. Crazy to think I gave $200 for nothing.

that really sucks man I’m sorry =|

Wow! Incredibly, this exact same situation happened to me today! Coincidentally, I’m also out $200. I shipped last week to Florida from VA, and seller has not even responded to any of the (at least) 5 messages I’ve sent him. Called Ebay as well and they said no tracking = no proof.