The PWCC Megathread

This one was hard for me to let go but it helped fund a bigger collection goal of mine.
Im glad it stayed within the family! Congrats!


The fee is only if you spend more than $10000 right? Or is it now for any purchase?

Any purchase with a credit card.

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I switched to a debit card and the fee was still shown.

Debit cards would still charge PWCC some transaction fee, should lower than a credit card.

PWCC will need a piecewise function for all the different fees they add on now

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From my experience on every auction site where there is a fee for credit cards debit cards doesn’t have any. I still didn’t try it on PWCC after the new update

Debit cards should have zero processing fees from your credit union or bank

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Unfortunately, untrue. Banks do pay fees for debit transactions, typically around $0.30. They will usually charge that to the merchant and it’s up to the merchant to be nice to its clients or not.

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That is news to me, thanks for correcting my assumption!

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That’s great! It has gone to a good home. :slight_smile:

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oof they started charging cc fees again… think its been a good year+ since they never had them

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Rip pwcc megathread. You will be missed


Welcome Fanatics Collect megathread! :clinking_glasses: :tada:





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Confirmed paid.

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Damn! :scream_cat:

This seems low. Wouldve been a great buy if I had the money for it :eye::eye:


For those of you who have sent cards to your vault, how many days does it generally take PWCC to enter the cards in your vault after the package has been delivered?