PWCC to be rebranded "Fanatics Collect"



Sounds like every IG blaziken reseller tag, shoulda kept PWCC. Sounds more premium.


It’s still unclear what exactly is changing. Something that was known for awhile is their partnership with sothebys, which is only for 6 figure items and higher, so it doesn’t affect most of Pokémon. Other than that I don’t know how much will actually change outside of the name.

As you know I have mentally shorted PWCC since Brent left

As long as they keep what he put in place they will be fine. Their model is still the blueprint for the market.

Very long term short :pikasmile:


Hopefully not a lot changes otherwise it’s a lost cause for me. I’ve been using them for a while for picking up random cards and overall they are decent.

Make sure that when the PWCC Megathread title is changed to you remember to add some CharizardBaller69 emojis :money_mouth_face: :money_with_wings: :moneybag: :dollar:


The trading aspect sounds appealing.

Inagine you see a card you want at buy it now. Instead of making a cash offer, you can offer up cards in your vault.


I don’t understand what the obsession is with rebranding. Why change a brand that already has a large amount of name recognition and goodwill within the community? It just screams out-of-touch corporate overreach.

Having your cards in the “Fanatics Collect” Vault sounds way worse than the PWCC Vault. “Hey, what are you picking up on this week’s Fanatics Collect Weekly Auction?” “Who wants to do a Fanatics Collect voice chat on discord?”



Hate the name change, nothing needed changing. Common Fanatics L


Anyone happen to know ballpark how much of PWCC’s revenue is sports related?

I’m not a fan of the name change, and have a negative associated with Fanatics as I just think of sports gambling.

  • spend years building a reputable brand thats well known and well loved by pretty much everybody

  • throw it all away for no clear reason


My instagram name is jopocollects so this is clearly a rip off of my page there. Considering legal actions.


This is goofy no need to rebrand and if they really wanted to they should do it with the “later introduce trading, card scanning, and concierge services”

I dont know the public opinion but when I hear fanatics I think of degen gambling not collecting.

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PWCC dragged their name through the mud when they were kicked off of eBay for shill bidding. They spent years earning their name back and developing a competitive auction platform.

Huge L for Fanatics. Nobody in the TCG world knows Fanatics as a brand, but I don’t think they care much about TCG collectors anyway.

The majority of PWCC’s weekly auction revenue is sports related if I am not mistaken. Pokemon, MTG, Yu-Gi-Oh are all afterthoughts. RareCandy tried to capitalize on a Pokemon-centric auction space, but that has been difficult for a variety of reasons.


In unrelated news, Elon Musk has acquired Fanatics and is now rebranding everything to F.


EBay removing pwcc was eBay removing a competitor. I don’t think anyone considered it a blemish. Especially since eBay, along with every other marketplace is still struggling to mimic pwcc’s model.


It actually did make me think of this, especially because itll probably be the same situation of everyone continuing to call it the previous name because everyone agrees the rebrand was stupid

PWCC had a huge issue with shill bidding. Whether it was from them (probably not) or from their consignees (probably) is where it gets lost in the sauce. Defamation and libel would prevent eBay from making formal claims against PWCC without evidence. Clearly, they had amassed enough evidence to remove them without worrying about litigation.

I don’t know what you’re suggesting with this. There have been vocal frustrations about PWCC with shill bidding, working with fraudsters who altered cards, etc. on eBay for a decade+ across sports card forums. They have done a lot in recent years to put that drama behind them and focus on running a strong platform.

Perhaps eBay was upset about the new platform or perhaps they were pressured by others to attend to shill bidding concerns. Regardless, PWCC took a major blow to their name.

I say all of these things because they are relevant, not because I dislike them. I use PWCC every week and will continue to do so under “Fanatics Collect.”