THE Great Grading Results Thread

Happy to get another round of PSA 8 to BGS cards back.

2x W (Raichu and Zam PSA 8 both got bumped
1x L (Hitmonchan PSA 9 to BGS 9)

Galadriel thrown in for good measure :sweat_smile:

Zam is super clean just has a print line on the back.


Nicely done! From your experience how many PSA 8s do you look through before you find one clean enough to attempt a cross?

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Hard to say really!

Depends on several factors - but all that have been bumped have been newer certs (6xxx-9xxx).

I’ve definitely noticed that 7xxx are the strongest copies, with 9xxx being pretty good too overall.

Id say 20% are crossable.

Man. PSA is brutal these days.

yep 9xx certs are seeming to be quite the undergraded era. Cyclical im sure like other times but frustrating nonetheless

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Great for cracking! I swear PSA could poop on a card before grading it and everyone would throw money at them for it


Officially put in the claim with CGC today. Sigh. Let’s see how easy it is to get paid for these.

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True but they are going so fast wioth orders(few weeks) that im afraid ill get the same grade haha Crack and regrade maybe in a few months

do the cgc cross

Nothing super exciting but this tina had a factory foil lift error top left, i was half expecting an 8 at most but pretty happy it came back a 9. Side note isn’t it insane how quickly those cert numbers are rising?


Take bets on when we get to 100 million cert! Probably by next April at this rate

CGC Return. Most excited about the WOTC holo


Some amazing looking filler cards! Jealous of your fpo as well.

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That fpo arbok looks fantastic. Nice grade. Fillers are cool too but I don’t know much. Were they acquired in packs?

Been a minute since my last submission!


Expected at least one 9, but PSA doesn’t seem to agree - Especially on the Aerodactyl ex and Kingdra.


Yeah PSA is pretty strict. But all cards have a decent amount of whitening on the back so a 9 would have surprised me. Especially since they are WOTC which seem to get graded more strict.

But the Azumarill is rough as a 7.

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The azumarill seems to have a bit of surface issues on the holo maybe?

The Aerodactyl and kingdra feel kinda strict I agree

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The PSA strictness really confuses me, it feels very much dependent on set, language, age, rarity instead of a set of rules that apply to every card. If there’s a certain promo where the majority of copies come with a certain defect, does PSA count that as a defect or since it’s what they all have it’s seen as a feature of the card? I never really understood this.

Late last year i picked up what was (at the time) my most expensive single purchase, a Luigi Special Box.

It came up at a super good price, and i took the risk and opened it!

Got these scans today. Super happy!