THE Great Grading Results Thread

Got all these to look forward to. LOL i like the pain (actually, did good on my vintage in that sub). will be sending more tomorrow. BGS is by far worse. 4 months and really strict grading at the moment. Strange.

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Meh grade considering how clean it was. I only graded with PSA because it’s oversized. CGC all the way from now on.


Happy birthday to me, got gifted this for xmas 2019 and it just sat in my grading pile. Pretty happy :slight_smile:


And this random ebay cop i found! Ryo FA’s from the XY series are still my favourite!


Can you guys help these old eyes find what cause these 3 to get PSA 5s? Went through it many times with a magnifying light and can’t really seen anything. Rest of submission came back 8s and 9s. Way more 8s than I was hoping for. Thanks for any feedback you can provide.

Hard to tell and this also could just be the lighting but the cards look dented in the circled area on alakazam and poliwrath.

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I think it’s lightning, here’s close up of the area of the two cards:

Still trying to train my eyes to look for flaws, this was my 4th submission and by far the worst results lol.

A close up view doesn’t really help in this case. Look at that area in relation to the rest of the bottom. It looks normal on the corner, juts out in that area, then goes back to flat. At least that’s what it looks like in the pictures

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PSA 5s and 6s that look this clean are almost always due to a dent, crease, or water damage. If you don’t see anything of that sort, crack them out and resubmit!


You are referring to the bottom boarder correct? If so, looks uniform. Looking at the original pictures, there’s a bit of lighting glare in that spot, where the Raichu doesn’t have.

I am thinking of doing that, but just wanted to ask in case I miss a “type of dent” I am not familiar with and get 5s again.

Yea, the bottom border. It looks pushed in on the front side on those two which would track with the backside being pushed out.

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Check both front (right bottom) and back (left bottom) area and both cards look uniformly flat/even. I am sure it’s the lighting. Thank you for looking so closely at this, aging eyes and lack of exp at looking for flaws really sucks.

Will probably crack and resubmit. Not expense cards, just trying to complete a psa 9 unlimited base holos set lol.

Side note, looking at slabs so closely, there’s a lot of crap in there with the cards.

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Isnt the rule of thumb for flipping you only want to crossgrade from PSA to CGC, which this example clearly underlines :slight_smile:

I’d say the opposite tbh. Especially when CGC was grading more harshly, a CGC 8.5-9.5 could become a PSA 10 and PSA has much more resale value.


Here are the results for my second CGC submission !

I am very happy for the two 9.5 !
I was completely aware that the other Ex would have 6 or 7 so no surprise :slight_smile:
I now have all 8 Unlimited WCP Ex cards graded from 6 to 9.5

Absol is part of 8 cards I sent for recasing with the new label


Set looks great, congrats!

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A chunk from my latest return I’m pretty pleased with!

Legendary Shine Collection

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Man those silver border ex cards look so good with the new black and white labels

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My regrade from PSA to CGC, Good upgrade for my suicune collection.