THE Great Grading Results Thread

Happily at a 69% Gem Mint rate in my 235 card submission. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Grading finished. Possibly the rarest Typhlosion variant? Be interested how big the unlimited XY8 print run was. Only one I’ve ever seen come up.


Congrats!! My unlimited XY9 which was the only one I’ve ever seen also got a 10 a bit back. Sadly, there had already been one graded. So I have to settle with a pop 2.

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Nice! Unlimited XY is niche but some of these sets are some of the rarest out there. Think they are still flying under the radar a bit.

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Believe it or not but i called it the day before. I even called the correct PSA employee who would email me!


What is the logic for them upcharging you when there is no difference in the quality of service?

This is further reinforced by what kinds of cards can get damaged in handling and encapsulating - that is, any card since they don’t treat them differently.

Allegedly, it is because of PSA’s authenticity and grade guarantee.

99% of what I typically get graded is Japanese from more niche releases and luckily they have never upcharged them, despite a lot being way over the insurance value claimed. Yeah, paying more money for essentially the same service is lame, yeah, PSA wont retroactively apply this insurance if say the card were damaged in grading but deemed a 10 without the damage, ect ect ect many loopholes and it kinda sucks. At the end of the day i can tolerate an upcharge every once in a while. It doesnt get me too excited but like i say, ive broken the rules and not gotten caught way more, so its fine

That’s gotta feel good!!! Congrats

Had to post the W here!

Just graded my first 10 ever! Fitting since Celebrations is what got me back into collecting. :confetti_ball:

Thanks to @PokeKnowledgeCards for the encouragement to submit!


Sent in my first (81-card) submission directly to PSA for the Feb special, and thought I’d update on some cards I’ve posted around the forum before:

Overall really pleased with the grades, I agree with about 85% of the grades, got lucky on some and unlucky on others but it’s relatively evened out. 1 x 8, 26 x 9, 54 x 10, and I was definitely aiming for a 9 on a few cards.

The most anticipated grade for me was this one:

Super happy with the 10!

Another card that’s special to me is this Koffing that I was gifted by @stryker2407 for SS, I thought it was super clean, and vending is peak Komiya for me!

Look at this goofball!


This is just awesome. Congratulations on the grades. Would love to see the whole return in your collection thread, since there seem to be some really great cards. Thanks for sharing this.



Great idea! I think I’ll wait until I have them in hand because the PSA scans are not that great…


Awesome cards :stuck_out_tongue: . I have a similar submission currently in QA2 . Hopefully my grades are similar :laughing:


Beautiful cards :smiling_face_with_tear:! The Celebi EX and ___'s Mew promos are so gorgeous.

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Holy Jesus, that Tyranitar hit me straight in the chest. Swirl heaven, orb heaven, layout heaven, art heaven! The perfect card.

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