The $10 Million card.

A “top rated” ebay seller seriously listed this?:

I thought I would post it for your amusement :blush:

Ahh! why do sellers keep doing this crap. They do it to bring more attention to their site, but it is usually negative. I guess they think any attention is good attention.

I know. It just makes you look dishonest or an idiot. I would say thats negative attention.

As Reina said, picture doesn’t even match the description. Also:

  • card is used (I guess if you’re going to drum up attention you can do it with any old crap)

  • there is a shipping charge. Because $10m isn’t enough of your money to require more for shipping.

There’s a big difference between this and sellers upping prices for trophy cards to invite bids. Why would anyone want to see the rest of this shop after being pulled in by cheap tactics?

When I search for anything on ebay I start with a somewhat more or less general search: easy example I type in ‘Pokemon’ hit the ‘Enter-key’ 'Results for *Pokemon* are displayed I then move the cursor over to the ‘sort by’ scroll box and choose ‘highest price first’ either before or after clicking/checking the ‘include title and description’ box that is right below the ‘Search’ button/icon and also either before clicking on the ‘worldwide’ box that is the third out of three primary options under ‘Location’ to increase the quantity of my search.

To put it more bluntly 'inquiry/search(phrase typed by user)+highest prices first+worldwide+ include title and description= answer to inquiry or results of search(phrase typed by user).

This I believe is how most people more or less set up their searches on eBay and other auction sites when they are are not being too terribly specific on what they are searching. Sellers who put up ridiculous prices are doing this to simply help generate traffic flow to their stores/sales of what they either else or really have to offer. If I had a store and was too busy to advertise outside of eBay like say Scott does on this site for his sales/store on eBay and my listing were few in number and what I was trying to sell was a popular search inquiry like ‘pokemon’ that returns over 200,000 results I would list one item as a high priced item to catch peoples’ attention.

(sorry if my post doesn’t make much sense I’ve been up since 7:30 A.M. and it is now about 20 min. to 3:00 A.M)

Yeah I search the same way. Its a shame that people are that desperate for attention that they are willing to make themselves look downright childish (even if it is a “children’s” card game). I mean sure it does draw in attention, but because I know what measures he/she would take just to draw in a few extra customers makes me more hesitant to purchase from them.

People who post items on eBay are honest and mature or at least one hopes they are when one is considering making or is in fact making a purchase.

I have no problem with sellers trying to generate attention/sales to their ‘stores’ as long as they are honest about it. Like I said when something like ‘Pokemon’ returns over 200,000 results and you have about 50 items that range from say $20-$200 and that several other sellers have the same items I would try to 1-up them by posting something with a ridiculous price as an advertisement. Why go through all the trouble shifting through hundreds of pages?

Hahaha exactly! That would question weather or not they took my business seriously too. As a seller thats the worst thing you could do. Your supposed to inspire confidence, not give people reason to question your business practices. :stuck_out_tongue:

I do not understand why I’m the only one who doesn’t think the seller is being silly, stupid, selfish or dare I say even ‘immoral’.

Pokemon as a secondary market is competitive if you’re looking to return a profit on your investment. That over priced item is merely a banner a billboard a standard set on high not in height regarding location of space viewed on ground-level as most standards, billboards and banners are but in price. This portrayal is to bring more people to the store.

Tell me (general readers of my post) if you had a bunch of cards that ranged from $20-$200 and wanted to sell them but you knew that most people search for items the way I do would you not do the same thing?
or would you rather have potential buyers ‘stumble’ on your items after shifting through many pages prior to that?

I get where your coming from. But listing a cards worth as $10 mil when its clearly $5.00 just makes you look like an idiot. Period. If he gets more buyers good for him.

Listing a card worth $5 as $10M doesn’t make one look like an idiot, buying a $5 card for $10M does ‘period’.

The strategy in the long run is smart even though on the surface it does appear stupid, since people see it right away and just want to click on the item description be it out of curiosity or just good laughs it baits more people than it would if the card was listed as $5.

I would have a problem with the seller if the seller did the following: list a bunch of cards for $M$, attempt to sell fakes and tried to sell cards not within the secondary market pricing bracket. This card that this thread is more or less about must be viewed as a standard for the store not as an attempt at a $10M sale.

Yes in a particular ‘this is the exact card I want’ I will also use a low to high price however since the only cards I have interest in are the ‘holy shit that’s one of the most fucking rare cards out there!’ my search will garner up next to nothing if not nothing.

Though I see your argument of one who requires patience. This however is hard for sellers who want to make money quickly. There are ‘sellers’ and then there are sellers. The difference is the former do it more or less for fun the latter as an actual business to help pay for a living.

Now granted very few if anyone lives entirely off secondary market Pokemon card purchases.

Regarding the argument that if ones supply isn’t in demand a $10M listing gimmick won’t help is moot, it’s the discovery of the store by would be buyers is the focus. Would be purchasers if they like the prices of the legitimate listing will perhaps save the seller’s name in hopes that something they want to eventually show up.

You’re right, it has gone down, perhaps the seller read this thread and was like ‘that wyllyumthuyz guy makes some valid points but so does that reinasierpe gal I think I’ll take the advice of the latter for the reason that the former is talking more or less in hypotheticals while the latter in actuals and it is those who make good on actuals that count for filling my pockets.’

This thread has been unraveled to it’s fullest extent continuing it will now just begin to start causing a logical-loop fallacy (if it hasn’t already), so almighty mods I request you to lock this thread, what has been said has been said why digress?

Haha yeah I don’t think there’s to much more to discuss…you two pretty much had it covered!

Let’s leave it open for the time being - I don’t like locking threads like this in case someone wants to jump into the discussion at a late stage or someone comes up with a new point of view that has not yet been considered.

However, I completely agree with Reina, excellent posts :blush:

Well its kinda like advertising a 2001 ford taurus :blush: as the words rarest most expensive car, The Bugatti. Its not, thus false advertising which is against ebays policies i’m sure. I know the analogy is ridiculous but I think it suits the point im trying to make.

I’m telling you guys what that person did was not right, glad it was taken down

Telling without reason dogma is something only the Almighty can get away with :stuck_out_tongue:

On what grounding/s do you base your saying on that the listing was wrong?

I agree that it was incorrect both in price and even the card that was listed the latter part I found in fact to be more hilarious.

Though using such a strong word as ‘right’ as in what the seller did was ‘not right’ you speak as if the seller transgressed some sort of moral boundaries.

Now I would agree with you of the seller being ‘not-right’ on ethical grounds if the seller was actually trying to sell the card for $10M or had more than one card at a hyped up ‘look at me!’ price. But for one as banner of advertisement I wouldn’t consider it ‘not-right’ in view of good or proper business morals.

Rebuttals, anyone? (I wonder how long it’ll be before dogma admits defeat and locks this thread knowing that I bested him? JK dogma JK ;D :stuck_out_tongue:)

I don’t get why it makes a difference whether it was just one card or more than one card at the hyper-inflated price…

But my reasoning was the stuff that Reina and I were saying earlier. I think it is transgressing moral boundaries because it s taking attention away from people with legitimate sales who are not using such tactics to get page views. It’s a form of false advertising which is dangerous - if everyone did it, how would you ever get a sale or auction on eBay?

As I said, I don’t think its right, and I actually think that some moral boundary was transgressed (minor, but crossed nonetheless)

The difference of the same seller listing one overpriced item and more than one is wrong in my view because it becomes unnecessarily excessive.

Your argument of ‘what if everyone did this’ is only seemingly strong it is in fact weak. As I stated in an early post there is more than one way to get attention as a seller on eBay and the most direct approach would be setting a high priced listing.

eBay is full of negative shit , bad sellers, bad buyers, bad listings etc. and yet it still manages to be a place where people go to constantly buy, bid-offer and research.

The whole taking attention away from other sellers is exactly what another seller aught desires to do! Capitalism and profit making is supposed to be viewed as competitive as long as it is legal, morals regarding respect for ones competition are to be set a side.