Team Rocket Special Case Promo Cards

Would these 2 promo cards be worth to invest in, in the long run considering how limited they are? I’m not sure how high the demand for these cards are given these are Trainer cards. Any input will be greatly appreciated! :blush:

Have they been released yet? I really wanted to grab a case when I first saw it on pokebeach and still plan to unless ebay prices are outrageous.

Yes they have! I missed out on the pre-order for them sadly and they are only made to order. I’m not sure how that’s going to affect the prices on the promo cards :neutral_face:

Just bought one off ebay. Glad I saw your post because I love team rocket/meowth and don’t want to take the chance at this becoming stupid expensive. Definitely hit my wallet kinda hard tho ($58 just for shipping :tada:). I don’t know if it’s a good investment or not, just wanted it for personal collection.

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Are you talking about the one that was priced at like $300 something? :open_mouth:

No lol, I don’t know what that guy is thinking. There’s another listing by a guy in japan selling them for $198 before shipping. He’s got 4 left.

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Nevermind! I found it :stuck_out_tongue:

How much was the case to preorder? I completely forgot these cards were coming out and am now rather annoyed I didn’t order a set myself.

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I think it was the japanese equivalent of like $125.

$120 is ridiculous, they should’ve at least made a whole arrangement of cards (i.e. Pokemon that Giovanni, James and Jessie use plus a Meowth card), not two.

SMH They’re getting real greedy. :angry:

True dat lol. The japan only orders are annoying as well.

If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen :stuck_out_tongue:

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Still worth it lol

That was $125 before shipping, which is costing around $30-40 it looks like. I’d hop on one or two asap since they were only made to order… So that makes these some what limited.

I say buy now for $200-$250 before they hit the actual US Market and triple in price. Already seeing people on Facebook offering $300 for a box.

@swolepoke So this is a pretty good deal?

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Such nice pictures of the case!!

Debating on buying a second, one to keep sealed…

That’s what I’m doing!

i’d hop on it.

I’m betting they’ll go up to $300 soon enough. I don’t see these going any lower than the current price.

And just like that prices doubled…

Dammit I knew I should’ve bought two. Highest one that sold is like $250 tho so the price hike might be a little over zealous. I’d be surprised if anyone bought one for $350+ anytime soon.

Edit: after a second look it seems the highest sold listing is $300.