Pokémon Center Japan 20th anniversary Team Rocket briefcase

I would appreciate some opinions on this. So I am think about purchasing the 20th anniversary team rocket briefcase. A seller on EBay made an offer to me for $5,000. I have wanted this for a long time, but hesitated to pull the trigger. Do you believe this is a good price for an ungraded set with briefcase, box, deck box, and sleeves included. Thanks!

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The last briefcase sold on eBay for $5000 so it seems like a fair deal as long as everything is in good shape. If you are buying it for your collection, and you are willing to pay $5000, it definitely seems worth it. However, if you are buying it as an investment it definitely seems more risky as prices have been all over the place throughout the last year.

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I’d think $5,000 (assuming usd) is a steal right now.

One went on Y!J for over 991,000 Yen. There’s also reports of Japanese stores buying the sealed promos for 350,000 Yen each.


Also, there’s been several instance lately of the less desirable items from the case (briefcase, sleeves, deck box & coin) that have sold in combination for over $1,000usd.

I think the most recent sale was briefcase, deck box and coin for ~$1,000usd?

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Thanks for the thought. Greatly appreciated.

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Jesus, I didnt realize these were more expensive than the literal gold pikachu card.

I very highly doubt these are worth more than the Pikachu Gold Card.


Yeah the gold Pikachu card for 10k+ minimum a while back.

They’re not though, not at all. Just check the buylist posted by @ozenigma for reference and you’ll see the Gold Pikachu is listed for ¥ 3.000.000 whereas the promo cards from the Rocket suitcase are only listed for ¥ 350.000.


5k is definitely a low price. Japanese stores have a higher buy price. Either way they are fantastic cards!


The last three Golden Pikachu cards sold for 8.5k, 8k, and 9.5k USD, which were all sold early last year. If one would be put up for sale for 12.5k I’m sure it’s sold within a few days. I estimate it’s worth around 13-15k USD right now, possibly even way higher considering these last few months are crazy.


Oh I didn’t count the 0s properly :laughing:. I thought the list had cards ordered by price

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