Old Japanese 'Gift Packs'

UPCCC, I need your advices :blush:
Has anyone got an estimate for the worth of these two beauties?
The ‘Team Rocket’ one is listed twice, 250$ (ebay) and 275$ (pokevault). I didnt find the yellow one nor seen any in the past.

Thanks in advance :blush:

@sandman – In my opinion, the 1997 Team Rocket Gift Set is valued at approximately $100 - $150. Two boxes were sold via eBay – the first for approximately $120, the second for $90. I believe the current prices are overinflated and exaggerated; it is fairly common amongst the other two gift sets of that era.

Ah, the incredibly elusive 1996 Gift Set. In my observations, only two have been sold thus far. One was sold two years ago on eBay for approximately $110. Brian Grabow sold the other box for $300, which he had heinously opened (i.e. the removal of plastic wrap). Without a shadow of a doubt, it is definitely the rarest of the 90’s gift sets. I would estimate its value to be $150 - $250, but don’t quote me on that.

What are in the sets?

@pokemontrader – Unfortunately, I cannot remember specifically what is inside the 1996 Gift Set. I only recall that it contained two decks which featured some of the first cards ever produced. I believe they may be from the original Expasion Pack (i.e. Base Set). The gift set might have included a copy of Jigglypuff and Pikachu (Asobikata Vol. 1), since the 1998 Quickstarter Gift Set contained Diglett and Dugtrio (Asobikata Vol. 2). It also contained the typical items inserted into gift sets, like playmats, damage counters and coins.

The 1997 Team Rocket Gift Set includes:

:black_small_square: 2 Rocket Starter Decks; each box contains 60 cards
:black_small_square: 30 Damage Counters
:black_small_square: 2 Markers
:black_small_square: 2 Chansey Coins
:black_small_square: 2 Rocket Badges
:black_small_square: 1 Exclusive Playmat
:black_small_square: 1 Rocket Poster
:black_small_square: 1 Instruction Booklet

Ooh interesting!
Thanks UU!

@pokemontrader – No problem :blush:

Thanks very much Unique Username, I expected anyway that the current listing prices are a bit exaggerated. I an still not sure if I want to sell it, as I have all 3 gift packs and actually dont want to split the set :blush:

I will post the content of the 1996 gift pack as soon as I am back home today :blush:

@sandman – You’re welcome :blush:

Wow!! You’re incredibly lucky to have all three gift sets! I myself still require the 1996 Gift Set.

Hey guys, I think I bought my Team Rocket Gift Pack sealed from Jimmy Hume for around $200. As for the Yellow Starter Gift Pack, a sealed one was sold by promo_sen a few years back but I can remember the price. In terms of cards, I believe the contents is an Asobikata Vol 1 Magazine w/ Pikachu and Jigglypuff and Two Base Starter Decks.

Thanks everyone :blush: I just had a look inside, UU and shpunto9 you were right, there is a Asobikata Vol 1, two base starter decks, 5 coins/markers, a bag with lots of damage counters, and a green playmat inside.

How about a sealed 1998 “white” gift pack? still with the price tag on its plastic wrap :blush: 3900yen ;D

@sandman – The 1998 Quickstarter Gift Set typically sells between $120 - $200. Once upon a time, it used to sell for $250 - $300 – anything under $200 was considered a miracle.

alright thanks, so to sum up:

1998 Quickstarter Gift Set: 120 - 200 maybe more
1997 Team Rocket Gift Set: 100 - 200
1996 Gift Set: 150-300

Thinking of selling the set to get some other additions for my collection

Any chance these are still for sale?