Want to buy - Japanese sealed product, charizards, +

Hey all! I currently seek the following (I can only buy 1-2 big box items this week, more later) at fair prices. If anyone has these sealed items OR single cards (can have flaws just need pics) for sale/trade please let me know. For most of the list top wanted items are listed at the top.
These are all Japanese items. As for booster boxes, don’t really mind unlimited edition if the price is right.

Uniqlo Pikachu set of 4 (winter clothes)<$?
Gyarados cosplay pikachu box set (or maybe just the cards)??
Rayquaza cosplay pikachu box set ?(or maybe just the cards)
Mega Charizard dragon type cosplay Pikachu box set$?<55

Mega Charizard fire type cosplay Pikachu box set (or maybe just the cards) ?$<50
Luigi cosplay pikachu box sets?$
Team Members (rocket, skull, etc) cosplay pikachu box set$?
Everyones exciting battle box set <$45
Deluxe XY starter kit Pink (feminine) tin set <$45
Vulpix cosplay pikachu box set
Team Rocket briefcase (shipped under $170-would need to save for this, may just want the 2 cards instead of whole set)

Art book with full art Charizard ex <$40
Trainer card Promo Pokemon center with eevolutions <32
Battle festa Pikachu with mega mewtwos <$20
Battle festa pikachu with 1st gen starters $?
Pikachu with famous actress? Nicole (less the $10 shipped)
ENGLISH sealed or complete XY trainer kit - wigglytuff and bisharp version <$15
eevee is cosplay set ?$<$100
scream painting - mimikyuu or pikachu <$?
eevee promo w japanese idol? (2018) ?$10
cp mew (any of the 3) <$10 each
english genesect bw101 <$40
mewtwo and genosect deck
both jumbo mewtwo mega $10 ea
shiny altaria cd promo

Imo, just go for the two Rocket Briefcase cards alone, I haven’t seen a single listing under $250.

And most middle men wanted around $150-$200 back when preorders were going on, so I doubt people who spent that will want to break even after waiting 5 months to get it.

But good luck with it!!

Dang, I suppose I will go for the just the cards then. I have seen that the retail price was supposed to be $120 or 1200 yen in Japanese stores. I just found out about the briefcase BUT are they not just now hitting store shelves?? Meaning they will be restocking them a few times between now and May like most TCG products?

This Team Rocket case is a very unique product. It was only available for that month pre-order. I think it is currently selling for $300+. I purchased another around that price point. Not sure if it will be released again outside of that initial promotion.

GRR…thanks for the info smpratte. Maybe, just maybe we may get the 2 promo cards in English. But I would buy the single Japanese cards if I can find them at an affordable price.

Update I just pre-ordered a Satoshi VS Team Rocket set from Amiami. It is my first ever order from them. They have a disclaimer that says items to be sold only in Japan will be canceled if ordered by people overseas?? So uh, I hope they don’t cancel my order.


I am currently looking for the following - May 2018. If you have them please let me know. Battle festa mew and pikachu (can be just mew, can be nonmint). CP holo mew (not evolutions one) CP evolutions mew CP evolutions mewtwo brand new release promo land form shaymii A clear card ? (not a tcg card, may be a card holder-file) from pokemon center with mew, snorlax and lots of sakura blossoms on it.

Prices on all of those cards with the exception of battle festa mew and pikachu set should be under $5 each , based on yahoo jp prices.