Search for Poke-treasure! trading and wants

Hello, everybody! I am new to this site but not to pokemon! I have been collecting pokemon for over 16 years, had cards and a plush even before pokemon was released in the US. I have recently had great luck finding grails, probably not buying anything soon but here I will post some of what I have and my remaining grails. Generally, I dont have a lot of money so tend to buy when I find a great bargain. But some of the recent poke-goods I want to get before price just goes up and away.

I may try to buy some of these in Aug or Sep…not even sure which I should go for first, with cards its just a matter of waiting until one comes up for sale and/or waiting for a bargain. With poke-goods its more like “which of the newer items on my want list will sell out and price jump 1st?”.

Some things I have a FOR TRADE: feel free to ask for more details

many TCG cards, special interest items below (sorry if it bores you)

Japanese southern islands postcard with raticate
meloetta EX
promo FA landorus
shiny golurk
cities - dragon set- UR/SR charmander
topps clear chase charizard
PS- dowsing machine
topps clear chase mewtwo

many non-tcg flats- such as
UK merlin sticker cards
artbox sticker cards
artbox flipz cards
topps cards
Burger king 1998 cards
Japanese hyper sticker cards
TCG coin
TCG pins/badges

many figures and plush - bandai, tomy, hasbro, jakks, toy factory, play by play, etc
pikachu collectible Peeps marshmallows- US release now inedible but cool to look at
clothes- kids sizes
dvds and vhs
manga, books, magazines

MY GRAIL LIST or just long time hunt list
Mew - victory orb
mewtwo super secret battle
jr rally mewtwo, lugia and rest of set
Jumbo legend lugia & ho-oh
beams JUmbo mewtwo
eevee binder and card set + the trainer that matches
jumbo battle carnival rayquaza
____ (your name) rayquaza
holon phantoms reverse holo mewtwo
base 1st ed shadowless charizard
base 1st ed shadowed charizard (french, german, any language)
championship arena palkia and dialga
pikachu victory trophy with red, marill and lots of pokes
blaines charizard corrected English
plasma storm shiny charizard corrected
6 star shinies - (Japanese or Eng)- rayquaza, latios, latias, umbreon, UF entei, LM registeel)
4 crystal (JP or Eng- can trade reverse holo + for 1 regular holo) - ho-oh, kabutops, celebi, golem
Japanese ADV - promo absol with full moom
JP ADV- holo arcanine, vaporeon, umbreon, jolteon
quite a few tropical wind, beach, and waves I am missing

shiny genosect
time pontya
8 inch or bigger slyveon
1/1 eevee
walking mew larger size
2013 poseable mewtwo
sunflora diorama
persian play by play prototype
skitty on cloud (came w pikachu on log)
shaymin suprised face
3 ft shaymin toy factory
play by play ash
hasbro gyarados
tomy dx suicune

electronic lugia
hasbro combat figures
hasbro deoxys w all arms and base piece
hasbro metang w base piece
shamyii movie glacidea playset
rumble gashapon set 2 and set 3
eevee- ippai set
jakks darkrai 3 in w base
jakks pontya 3 in w flame ball base
jakks weaville w ice base
jakks magnemite w electric base

grey shirt w rainbow, clouds, pikachu (ladies or girls shirt)- US release
eevee- towel, washcloth, sleeping shaped pillow, tail pen or something w tail
eevee tail mug
johto- full size comforter, flat full sheet, pillow sham (has edges around pillow)- US release
eevee face shaped pouch 2012 or 2013 release

I suggest you start using Y!J. You can find a lot of stuff there for a good amount cheaper.

Yes I know, I have before, the sad thing is now I do not have a middleman anymore. I really dont like how much the companies like shopping mall japan, j-auce, etc charge soo much more. I dont mind paying a small fee for the middleman’s time and efforts, and already know it can mean double shipping (which can get expensive fast, shipping to middleman in Japan, then to me in the USA). If only yahoo Japan sellers would just use paypal and sell direct! That would make things much easier.

There’s a member on here named japanime that has a little middleman service going. He charges the normal fees (both shippings and bank transfer) and then 20% of the auction price. It’s the cheapest out there (under a certain amount, which is like 50,000 Y or something like that). I suggest using him! :grin:

Also, shipping from the seller to your middleman in Japan, for cards, is usually under $2. Singles usually cost 80 Y.