Gengar's Wrath WANTS - Sealed JP Promos & More

Hi guys,

This is my immediate wants list and happy to pay good money for any of them :blush:

-Masaki Alakazam
-Masaki Omastar
-Masaki Golem

  • Complete unpeeled Vending Series 1

-Sealed/Complete Toyota Promos

-Sealed/Complete JR Ral Pikachu/mew

-Sealed Complete JR Rally Mewtwo and Eevee

-Sealed Intro Neo Set

  • Quick Starter Gift Box (1998) Sealed or Complete

-Team Rocket Gift Box Sealed

  • 1996 Gift Starter Set Sealed.

-Any sealed/unpeeled Japanese Promos

  • Loose Vending Series 1 Squirtle and Wigglytuff.

  • T Trainers Promos

  • Fan Club Eevee, Magikarp and Porygon

  • Grand Party

I will have my website up and running with a definitive list of all cards i need, but these are my immediate wants

I have a PSA 10 Porygon, PSA 10 Eevee and PSA 9 Magikarp. PM to offer for the set.

Sorry not after PSA cards they don’t quite fit my collection. I keep everything uniformed in toploaders.