Curious On the Value of a Couple Cards

I was wondering if anyone could help enlighten me on the current value of some of my cards.

Natta Wake Pikachu

700pt GET Porygon

Brand New Sealed Japanese Red vs Green Starter box- I believe from 1998 with the Masterball holos, Scyther, Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos, and all the other goodies


Not sure on what they are worth, but they recently sold.

Last Pikachu I saw sold on eBay $80:

Last Quick Starter Set (Sealed) I saw sold on YJ! $190:

and I haven’t seen a Porygon sold recently.

Thank you for the reply. I thought the quickstarter box sealed was a little more rare than that. I was hoping for upwards of $250. But oh well. The info was helpful

Most cards sell for less on Yahoo Japan than on eBay. If I (for example) had won the box at $190 on YJ, with fees + middle man it would have been a little bit less than $250, maybe $230. You might be able to find people that would pay $250 for it. Are you looking to sell these three items?

Update: I have added some new listings on ebay. Please take a look to see if anyone is interested in anything. I am willing to sell cards individually.