Needing help pricing & selling


I am new to all of this but I have a binder full of Pokémon cards that are from the years 1995-1998. 98% of them are all in really good condition. I have no use for them really and many of them have multiples with them. There are holographic cards, Trainers, powers up and there are quite a few of them. We are buying our own house soon and I would really like to go ahead and do something with them and put them to use for us to buy a house for our family. So if there is anyone out there on this website or anywhere that can help me with this you have no idea how thankful I would be. If names or pictures are needed I can provide them.

You are going to definitely need to show us some pictures for us to help you. :blush:

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this is the first 3 pages and there are about 13 more to go and most have

and those are the other pages and almost all of them have multiples

There’s nothing particularly valuable. Assuming the cards are in the ~excellent condition they appear to be in, you’ve got a couple dollars here and there. Your best bet would be eBay, where you’ll hope to get the $5-10 out of it it’s worth at most, but you’ll pay almost 15 percent in fees, then pay the rest of the value to ship it. All in all, there’s nothing really worth the trouble of selling. It especially won’t do anything towards something like a house. Your best bet is to keep them and give them to a kid or something like that.


Yeah, sadly with a lot of the old cards, they’ve lost a lot of the value they once had. A Charizard from Base edition back when it was still around could get you around 100 dollars alone but won’t ever surpass like 20 or 40. Commons and uncommons are worse still.

I’d recommend either passing it on to any children or starting a bid on ebay starting at 5 or 10 dollars and seeing where it goes from there. Just be aware of the above post that shipping that many cards will come out of your own wallet.

Sorry if this wasn’t the news you were expecting. :slightly_frowning_face:

Over here in the Uk a base set charizard was allways about £25 to £30($40 to $50) in mint and it is still that price today.$100 is a good price to get for a charizard back in the day,wish I could have sold a few for that price:-)