How much are my cards worth?

These are some cards i collected as a kid and i was wondering if they are worth anything now that i’m not interested in collecting them anymore. (I did some research of my own and discovered my charizard would be worth alot if i didn’t write on it. I was a dumb kid.) Note; These are not all my cards they are just some that i sorted into what i thought would be worth the most. Basically all the shiny ones.

Not loads, but with some cards that you could sell individually.

Before you go off trying to sell them. Understand that condition is everything with a lot of collectors, and your cards value will almost solely be based off that(since none of your cards are super rarities in their own rate and don’t really inherit any value from that). Your definition of a ‘Mint’ card might not be as Mint as you think as well so be careful when explaining to be the condition.

The Flareon Gold Star is worth 25-50 dollars
Those mid-2000s ex cards are all worth between 5 and 15 dollars
The DPP LV X and HGSS Prime cards will get you between 5 and 15 as well.

With relatively low value cards like this you could auction these off and get more or less depending on how lucky you get. If you collected them as a kid I don’t have high hopes for their conditions so you might be looking at the lower end of the value scale.


Thanks for everything :blush:

No worries, I hope it helps.

Some nice cards there mate! I agree with milhouse. Solo auctions for your ex/ultra rares with low starting price would be the go, people are more likely to need one or two of those which should get you better overall prices. Make sure you post good photos of front and back and be sure to outline any damage, shame the flareon has the corner smash.