Pokémon cards first edition

Hi everyone,

New here.
I have stumbled across my Pokémon card collection as moving house. They are dated 1995. Some of the ‘shinies’ include Ninetails, Mewtwo, bulbasaur, Gyarados
I’ve tried looking on eBay to see if they are now collectors items or if they hold any value and wondered if anyone could point me in the right direction.
I’d be very grateful

Many thanks in advance


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Welcome to the forum. Were these your cards growing up or did you stumble across them?

If you post some pictures, that will help in identifying exactly what these cards are.

here’s how:

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imgur.com/a/cG3CPGv [/img]

I’m not sure if that has worked! I have just tried to upload a few photos.
They were mine from childhood, due to moving house we have been reunited!

Nice childhood memories you go there, you should put them in binder and enjoy them as they are. Most of them looked like they were loved and well played and what ever monetary value they may have had is almost certainly gone since most them are in heavy played condition. I wish I would have saved my childhood cards, I would have binder that bring back the early days of Pokemon.

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Nice stuff! Looks like all of the cards are unlimited WOTC era cards and are pretty beat up. I’d say you have maybe $50 in value there, nothing too crazy.

If they’re your childhood cards, my recommendation would be to buy some sleeves/toploaders and protect them so you can enjoy them in the future!



The card with a R under the Picture( Right Side) is from the Set Team Rocket.

The card with the Flower under the Picture is from the Jungle Set.

The card with the Claw is from the Set Fossil

Most of your cards are from the Unlimited Base Set.
With this Side:


you can look up where your card belongs if you are Unsure. Can direct with Arrows through the Sets.

Condition is important. if the Picture of the Card is damaged, Corners damaged or for example you can see white Spots on the Back lower the Price you would get.
I would hold them since the Condition seems rough and you wont get a good Price for your cards.


@hgg11, if these were your childhood cards, I highly recommend holding onto them. By the time you sell them, pay for shipping and fees, and your time, you won’t be clearing much anyways. My aunt threw away my childhood cards back in 2008, wish I still had them.


Dont listen to the haters, youve got $1,000,000 worth of cards.