Newbie Seller/Collector Questions

Hello. I am fairly new to Pokemon cards, but have been buying/selling/playing with various card games (mainly Magic) for about ten years now. I recently came into possession of a fairly large collection (by my standards at least) of Pokemon cards and am fairly at a loss on how to begin selling them. I have browsed through EBay and various forums, but figured I would post here with a couple of questions to try and get started.

First of all, is there a rule of thumb for how to tell if Pokemon cards are fake? I believe that these are all real, but I would like to be close to 100% positive before going to sell them.

Do any of you know of any place I could go for other Pokemon related memorabilia besides cards specifically? The collection has various other things in it that I’m not quite sure if they are worth anything or are just garbage.

Is there a quick way to ‘grade’ Pokemon cards? I have some experience with grading MtG cards, but it is a bit different due to the foiling differences. Any rule of thumb here?

Can any of you think of anything else to inform me on that could help me in my quest of selling all of these cards? I have yet to decide on selling them as full sets or as individual cards. I’m thinking of selling the sets where I can simply for ease.

Here is a list of what I have categorized and counted so far, I have yet to really delve into the Japanese cards, as they are harder (for me) to write down and organize:


Basic 1st Edition - Complete Set
Basic Unlimited - Complete Set
Basic Unlimited Shadowless - Complete Set

Jungle 1st Edition - Complete Set
Jungle Unlimited - Complete Set

Fossil 1st Edition - Complete Set
Fossil Unlimited - Complete Set

Base 2 (I don’t know if there was Unlimited and 1st here) - Complete Set

Team Rocket 1st Edition - Complete Set
Team Rocket Unlimited - Complete Set

Gym Heroes 1st Edition - Complete Set
Gym Heroes Unlimited - Complete Set

Gym Challenge 1st Edition - Complete Set
Gym Challenge Unlimited - Complete Set

Neo Genesis 1st Edition - Complete Set
Neo Genesis Unlimited - Complete Set

Neo Discovery 1st Edition - Complete Set
Neo Discovery Unlimited - Missing #17 Yanma

Neo Revelation 1st Edition - Complete Set + Shining Magikarp and Shining Gyrados ( Not sure if those are part of the set or something extra)

Neo Destiny 1st Edition - Complete Set + Shining Celebi, Charizard, Kabutops, Mewtwo, Noctowl, Raichu, Steeliz, Tyranitar (same as above, not quite sure is these are considered part of the set or not)

American Black Star Promos 1-38

Other Items:

Southern Islands Japanese Sealed set (Sky, Field of Flowers, River-ride, Beach, Sea, Jungle)

Southern Islands English set - Opened - In Southern Islands Binder

Two Pikachu World Collection - One sealed - One open

Also included is assorted Japanese rares and Japanese promos that I have yet to go through. Along with lots of random memorabilia.

Anyway, any rough pricing or idea where I could go to get a pricing guide or where I could go to sell, or tips on selling these sets would be awesome.

Thank you for the time.

Oh hell yeah! M:TG is cool

In terms of selling stuff, we’d be most interested in the Japanese promos. Put up some pictures so we can see what they are. However, unless there is something super rare in your collection, we’re probably not your target audience - you’d probably get higher prices if you sell on eBay. By all means get people here to suggest prices though

wow thats alot of complete sets.just to let you know base set 2 was never 1st edition.but the shining pokemon do count for in those sets so neo revelation with the magikarp and gyarados while neo destiny with the 8 triple star cards.price value wise i will say that the neo sets will fetch a good amount of money especially the 1st edition set.base set 1st edition your seeing it as a 500-800 for just the set alone.