Pokemon Card Collectors - ADVICE NEEDED


I found my Pokemon card collection after 10 year of being in storage.

I have a complete Base, Jungle and Fossil set some Promo, Some Gym including IMANKUNI’S DODUO and a few other Japanese Cards.

I am looking to sell and wondered if anyone can give me some advice on how much I can sell these for?

They are all in plastic sleeves and very well looked after. I can get pictures of the collection if someone can help.

After 10 year or more I have lost touch to my Pokemon days ha.

Your best bet is to auction them on eBay and see what they go for. Take good pictures so people know exactly what the cards look like.

yea auction them

Definitely put them up for auction.

Auctions on these kind of sets often do well with minimal effort. However, you should invest a fair amount of time to accurately and wholly describe what is included and what condition is like. Small differences in your description can determine whether an item sells for $70 or $100. If you have extras that you don’t want, those are often good to mention as well since some collectors enjoy going through others’ extras.

Make sure you offer international shipping, there are a lot of European collectors who will pay top dollar.

But if you do this, be sure that you charge the correct amount of shipping so that you are not burned. Most buyers also prefer that you don’t use the Global Shipping Program (it charges them ridiculous import fees).

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Thanks for the replies guys. I’m in the UK. I’ve just noticed there is a 1st edition holo-film Machamp in the Base set and a few other 1st editions in the other sets. I’ve got a Japanese Trainer Magazine with the promo holo-foil Steelix and a few other ones. Just don’t really know what I’m doing. Just wanted to get what they are worth or more. I’ll look further into it.

Be aware that the 1st Edition Machamp isn’t really as glorious of a prize as one might think with 1st Editions. Many were released in decks and so there’s a huge surplus of 1st Edition Machamps. However, you should have no problem selling sets as a whole.

Good luck!

I cannot emphasize this enough. There are unfortunately many sellers who ship only to their + maybe some neighbour countries, and make it very clear on item info: " NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING, WHATEVER SORRY etc. etc. "

Money’s money right ? :blush:

@soulwind That was spot on, sellers using global shipping program will ruin their business in long run.

Haha, why not. Go for the big ones. Thanks for your help. I’ve looked on eBay and have a general idea of what I should be looking for. Got some work to do on eBay now.

Yet some sellers will ship to your country if you ask, even though they stated no international shipping. They just don’t bother to check out shipping costs and figure a trip to the postoffice might bring in more dough after all.

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That’s true, there is always few exceptions that understand what’s best for their wallet instead of going full no-no-no. :blush:

Haha, nice turn of phrase

If you sell international be sure to charge exact shipping which includes tracking/insurance etc especially since your not a full time seller.