Card Collection needing to be valued! Help Please!

I have a collection of specifically Gen. 1 cards in a binder from 1993 and I have absolutely no idea what it’s worth. These cards from mixed sets; 66 Base set, 46 Jungle set, and 40 Fossil set. 27 Holos total (3 are 1st editions), 20 are 1st editions (17 non-holos), 2 Promos (1 is a holo), and the rest are regular cards.

*1st Edition Cards:-Pikachu (Base) -Tentacool (Fossil) -Grimer (Fossil) -Koffing (Base)
-Parasect (Jungle) -Geodude (Fossil) -Shellder (Fossil) -Rhyhorn (Jungle)
-Diglett (Base) -Slowpoke (Fossil) -Ghastly (Fossil) -Rhydon (Jungle)
-Poliwhirl (Base) -Magnemite (Base) -Haunter (Fossil; Holo) -Tangela (Base)
-Machamp (Base; Holo) -Seel (Base) -Hypno (Fossil; Holo) -Magikarp (Base)

1st Edition Trainer Cards: 1st Edition Energy Cards:
-Professor Oak (Base) -Super Potion (Base) -Electricity (x2)
-Lass (Base) -Switch (Base x2) -Fire
-Pokémon Center (Base) -Gust of Wind (Base) -Rock
-Pokédex (Base x2) -Gambler (Fossil)

*Holographic Cards:-Venasaur (Base) -Ninetails (Base) -Gengar (Fossil) -Vaporeon (Jungle)
-Charizard (Base; NOT 1st Ed.) -Vileplume (Jungle) -Hypno (Fossil; 1st Ed.) -Kabutops (Fossil)
-Blastoise (Base) -Poliwrath (Base) -Hitmonchan (Base) -Moltres (Fossil)
-Pidgeot (Jungle) -Alakazam (Base) -Chansey (Base) -Mewtwo (Base)
-Raichu (Base (NOT PR);Fossil) -Machamp (Base; 1st Ed.) -Kengaskhan (Jungle) -Mew (Promo)
-Nidoking (Base) -Muk (Fossil) -Gyrados (Base) -Ancient Mew
-Clefairy (Base) -Haunter (Fossil; 1st Ed.) -Lapras (Fossil)

*Pokémon from 2 Sets:-Pikachu (Base (1st Ed.); Jungle) -Haunter (Base; Fossil (1st Ed./Holo))
-Raichu (Base (Holo); Fossil (Holo)) -Electabuzz (Base; Promo (Kids WB Presents Pokémon The First Movie))
-Ghastly (Base; Fossil (1st Ed.))

*Promo Cards:-Electabuzz (Kids WB Presents Pokémon The First Movie)
-Mew (Holo)

*Doubles of Cards:
-Professor Oak (x2) -Energy Removal (x3) -Psychic Energy (x7)
-Pokédex (x2; one 1st Ed.) -Revive (x2) -Fire Energy (x11; one 1st Ed.)
-Super Potion (x2; one 1st Ed.) -Switch (x4; two 1st Ed.) -Rock Energy (x15; two 1st Ed.)
-Potion (x3) -Earth Energy (x3)
-Plus Power (x2) -Electricity Energy (x5; two 1st Ed.)


I also have 52 Japanese cards from mixed sets; 42 Gym set, 6 Team Rocket Set, and 4 Fossil Set.

*Japanese Cards:
-Weedle (Gym) -Abra (Gym; T. Rocket) -Krabby (Fossil)
-Kakuna (Gym) -Kadabra (Gym) -Rhyhorn (Gym)
-Pikachu (Gym) -Tentacruel (Fossil) -Horsea (Fossil)
-Sandshrew (Gym) -Ponyta (Gym; T. Rocket) -Tauros (Gym)
-Nidoran (Gym; Female) -Rapidash (Gym) -Magikarp (x2 different; Both Gym)
-Nidoqueen (Gym) -Slowpoke (Gym; Fossil) -Porygon (Gym; T. Rocket)
-Vulpix (x2 Different; Both Gym) -Magnemite (T. Rocket) -Trainer Cards (x12)
-Zubat (Gym) -Dodrio (Gym) -2 sets of doubles (same card)
-Golbat (Gym) -Seel (Gym)
-Meowth (Gym) -Grimer (Gym)
-Golduck (Gym) -Muk (Gym)
-Mankey (Gym; T. Rocket) -Ghastly (Gym)
-Growlith (Gym) -Hypno (Gym)

    **Trainer Cards:**        -Gym x 11  
    -T. Rocket x1  
    -Fossil x0  


where are you located? prices and vary depending on location

Hi brimarie95 I am guessing you live in the US and you would get between $100 to $200 for your collection depending on condition.The price would also depend on who you sell them to, a reseller or a collector.They are sought after cards but are not particularly rare.However they are getting harder to find in mint condition . Hope that helps:-)

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I’m in Arizona and they’re all in perfect condition! No wear/tear on any of them:)

Hi I live in the UK and I just checked the shipping rates and it would be to dear,otherwise I would have bought them:-(

Anyone in the US interested in buying this nice collection off brimarie95?

If all the holos are mint then maybe 140.00. If near mint then 100.00.
At least that’s what I’d pay…

Really? Only $100-$200?? I paid more for this collection than that haha! I just wasn’t sure what it was altogether.

People rarely break even on their pokemon card investment. Especially when they’ve acquired the cards through packs.
They depreciate fast. People also don’t pay as much for cards that are easily obtained, are still readily available, or even that come from packs in a lot of cases. You pay for the fun of opening a pack. For the chase.

It’s like trying to break even on the lottery.

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That’s really unfortunate to hear. But thank you all for the help! I so very much appreciate it:)

Don’t listen to @funmonkey54…too much. He’s definitely right about paying for the fun of opening a pack and rarely breaking even. But, Pokemon cards can become a great investment if you do your research and know what to buy. Many rare promos, and in some cases even cards from packs will rise significantly in value.

The key is condition. Cards really need to be in near mint to mint condition. That’s why professionally graded cards are worth so much more than non-graded cards. However, generally, your old Pokemon card collection is not worth nearly as much as you think.


A rare percentage of people are going to have the means, knowledge, and ability to successfully invest in Pokemon cards to any significant degree.

I think being surrounded by that minority here, we forget that. :wink:

I would never generally advise someone to invest in Pokemon cards. Risky, requires much more time than a minimum wage job would pay, and less of a return than other investment avenues, even when done properly.

I know when I was in high school, I thought Pokemon was a great investment. I could easily make $10-20 here or there. But that’s before I did the math. The windows for profit are small and intermittent/unreliable, the profit itself is minimal, and it doesn’t stack up to a real job. Unless you want to pour yourself into the hobby first and try to get a side profit out on occasion, it’s ill advised in every way.


I will echo this.

Before, like Charlie it was as if I made $10 here, $20 there. If you tallied up all the time you spend on the research, selling & packing, I would’ve been bankrupt haha from unpaid labour expenses.

Now, I collect primarily, however like Charlie said, a rare few of us know how to successfully invest in Pokemon cards. I’m still trying to figure it out, but I found one thing that REALLY helps is having excel or a spreadsheet program, so you know your inflows & outflows.