Japanese Base Set Booster prices

Is there any difference in price between the 291 yen packs and the 300 yen (tax included) packs?

No, I don’t think so. I can’t recall any listing I’ve seen where it’s even mentioned. It’s just us folk that care. There is a big price difference between the short packs and the normal long packs though.

Interesting, what are the prices of the two variations?

Tbh I can’t remember reliably the price of a short pack, I haven’t seen a public sale for maybe a year. The demand/notoriety for them has probably peaked since no-rarity became widespread.

There’s also the pack variant that has the black 300 yen sticker.

291 yen was printed in 1997 I believe and 300 was later in 1999 if I remember correctly. I use to always think the 291 was hopeful no rarity but never the less they are just two separate print runs.

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What information do people have on the base set boosters? As I have some info from my local collectibles store here in Japan regarding the postcodes again, would like to cross-check and confirm. Pictures would be great as well if you have any!

All my base packs have the 104-01 post code, and after having a cursory glance so do the sets until Gym 1.

Do you guys know what would be the approximate value of a Base Set 291 yen short pack these days? Even though that’s not really a guarantee of anything, just a rare variant of the base pack. I am interested in buying them, but have no idea price range at all.

Did you mean this? www.ebay.com/itm/RARE-Original-JAPANESE-Pokemon-1st-BASE-Set-Booster-Box-Card-Pack-291-Japan-NEW/401518611346?hash=item5d7c5fcb92:g:Fx4AAOSwGWBas6Bu

It sold out at 30 USD.

Around $30 seems to be the going rate currently. I sold a huge lot of them earlier in the year instead of selling pack by pack. I would’ve charged $34.99 free ship had I done individual.

I actually mean the “short” pack version. Those are long packs.