Base set japanese 300 yen/291 yen

Hi, anyone knows the difference and the history of these packs?
There should be also a version that contains no-rarity cards right?
If anyone is aware of any additional information please write them here.
Thanks, Simon

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Designed exclusively to make completionist pack collectors’ lives harder.


Really? Thanks for the information.

Ahhaha lol! I like it. :wink:

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Open it and find out!

If I remember well on @darkrai 's website he posted a small photos of the example of no-rarity pack but I can’t find it now.

ROFL! I am dying of laughter right now. This is too good. XD

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Simon check your PM

I got no-rarity Japanese base set cards in the base set theme decks. If I am not mistaken, hard to remember back to 1996 or 1997, they came with a holo rare and nonholo rare that were random. My brain is foggy, I am thinking I got holo machamp in one and in a second got a different holo. Maybe somebody can clarify?

BUT I DO definitely remember all the cards in the deck had no rarity symbols.

This is what I am talking about.