Japanese Base Set (1995) No Rarity booster Wrap

I’ve bought some old posters from Japan, the posters comes from CoroCoro magazine and I’ve found some interesting images!
I’ve bought the posters for the followed Japanese sets: Base Set (1995), Fossil (1996), Team Rockets (1996) and Gym Heroes (1996) ((the year is written in the lower right of each poster)).

Each poster show all the cards of the set and all the Base Set cards are no rarity! for example Charizard weight 70,5Kg and not 90,5Kg as the normal Japanese version.

What struck me most is seeing the poster of Team Rockets the Image of the Base Set Deck with the Base Set, Jungle and Fossil Booster Packs. The Base Set and Jungle wrap is different from the Fossil wrap.

Also the Booster image on the Base Set poster has the same “short” wrap.

The “short” version of Base Set and Jungle was actually distributed or was printed only for the poster???
This is just one of the many mysteries surrounding the world of Pokémon!



@darkrai I’ve never seen one “short” pack for sale :slightly_frowning_face: (I’ve got the 2 different versions 291/300yen)

@darkrai Do you think that inside the first printed version of Japanese Base Set there are inside no rarity cards, like the first theme Decks?

interesting read.

Pokemon centre italy you allways post cool stuff,very cool this time :slight_smile:



Oh wow I’ve never see the promo video!

@hapycakeoven @darkrai and… what about this???

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So do all the expansions have short packs then?

maybe yes!

another potential venusaur item I may need if I expand the collection (which I kind of already have )

Is there any minute difference between the actual cards (short/long packs)? the base the ‘first editions’ don’t have a rarity mark… maybe with the subsequent sets there is something? Card stock?

mmh… we need to contact Media Factory!

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I wish contacting old related companies produced answers. I’d have so much more information in my hands. :slightly_frowning_face: