Japanese base set booster box

I just purchased a japanese base set booster box.

I found one on ebay and it didnt have the for sale in japan only so I thought that was unique and purchased it.

I stumbled on the no rarity thread after.
and then messaged the seller what packs they are.
and he messaged me saying they are short packs.

does it mean these have the no stars?

Not necessarily. It isn’t guaranteed that they would have no rarity symbol. If it was guaranteed you can be sure the seller would have listed the box for 10x more than what he did considering the value the no rarity symbol adds. If they are indeed short packs then there is a chance some may be no rarity (it is likely either all or none though if you think logically) but considering that the short packs do hold significantly more value than the long packs regardless then I’d say it’s safe to say that it’s still a reasonable price.

ok so apparently the seller contacted his friend. Now he doesnt want to sell it even though I paid. Now hes saying he will sned me a box with “for sale in japan only”

This is ridiculous.
how do I report this and get him to refund my money?

Not all Japanese Base Set Booster Boxes with No “For Sale In Japan Only” have short packs. Mine do not. I believe the only way to tell is the cutout shape above the pokeball. Ideally a box with short packs, should have smaller packaging, and therefore should have a different shape then regular japanese base set boxes.

I got email saying the seller has canceled the order and refunded me the payment but I don’t see it added to my paypal balance. $500 was form ebay bucks which I don’t know if they will be reimbursed or not.

Am I able to give the seller negative feedback?

He told me it was short pack.
He listed the box without “for sale in japan only”

and then tells me he will send me a box with long packs and “for sale in japan only label”

What a pos, same thing happened to me recently but it was done via paypal only so i was unable to do much but you sure can leave feedback. It will either be at the bottom of your purchase history and be under SEE RETURN DETAILS and say leave feedback or if theres no option on the actual auction then leave feedback on another item youve bought and then click leave more feedback and it will be in the list with the rest of the items you have left feedback for.

Contact ebay’s support service. They’ll usually side with you and sending an item which does not match the description given is something which they consider and don’t take lightly. If you have the message logs that would also help your case and guarantee some sort of reimbursement surely.

I’m pretty sure this is the seller

enjoy. read bottom to top. apologize if it seemed as if i sent a lot of messages. sometimes the messages didn’t go through and my phone said failed to send message

no thats not him. That’s the other seller with a japanese base set box for 3500. I asked him if he knew what short vs long packs are and if he had any and he said he would ask reddit 3-4 hours ago so Im sure its him. (update) the box he has contains long packs.

The one that bailed is japanese, and i think ive seen his collection been posted on yahoo acutions once (base set booster box all the way to gym 2 ) for like an absurd amount while he had 0 feedback

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the box in the pictures is a standard base set box with 291 yen long top packs.

yeah then he lied to me.
still waiting on the refund

If seller not responding, ask eBay to step in.