The Best of XY Booster Boxes

Just curious on everyone’s opinion on these boxes. I seen the lowest listed box was around $68. Will the market be flooded with these boxes and would they be a smart investment to buy and hold on to? I was tempted to buy 2 and open 1.

I don’t think the Japanese special sets get another wave of product, all the cards are already unlimited print.
I think this set has potential, because every booster box has 1 UR/SR and even in Japan the packs are $5-6 now I heard. So most packs there should be ripped open, I would expect this to be a bit similar to EX Battle Boost, but without a 1st print.

I think these boxes are going to sell out exceptionally quickly and probably see a huge price rise in the coming months.

These boxes will be like CP4 and rise quickly in value. Some of the CP4 boxes I’ve seen have been selling/listed at $200+ USD recently.

1 max per household on amiami

That is really annoying !!!

on amiami I used to be able to add more to cart than the max per household for 1 invoice

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Awesome thanks everyone, any idea if an English version will be printed?

Could a brotha get a link to Amiami? I am struggling to find it :blush:

I bought a couple on eBay for $50 each + ~$10-15 total shipping from Japan. This was only a few days ago. Since then the same seller went out of stock, relisted at $59 + shipping, sold out again, then relisted again at $63 + shipping. It’s at the point where the cheapest one I can find from the US is over $80 and from Japan you’re looking at ~$70 or more including shipping as well as the unquantifiable cost of waiting longer for shipping (value is individual here). Keep in mind I haven’t even gotten mine in the mail yet and the prices hiked this much. I saw the set leaked a week or two ago. I don’t even think CP6 went up this high this quickly, and it was goddamn Base Set.

Best of XY gets its value from the exclusive artwork on the full arts. The Shaymin and Yveltal cards are the ultimate representatives of the XY era for the competitive players and flavor/theme/basis on game respectively. This is the second coming of N full art as well as many other full art trainers, which is a highly collectible subset that is comparable to the Gold Stars (obviously on a much smaller scale). Every card is playable, so it is likely that even commons will be able to be sold to people who want cards to play with (obviously Japanese cards are not allowed in officially sanctioned tournaments, but these could act as proxies for testing, etc.), especially the pretty-looking reverse foils. Great set over all, though I don’t know how well these prices will hold. Only a confirmed print quantity/volume can tell I suppose.

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They are available for $62 or less shipped from Poly 100 as long as you buy 2 or more, after 3 it is like 58.6 per unit

expect stock to sell out slightly faster because UnlistedLeaf decided to advertise it, we saw what happened to Pikachu Battle Festa 279

The full art Mons are going to be in the Mega Powers Collection box in May.

That twat :unamused: he didnt get a FA in his box tho :confused:

mmhhh 4 avalable for 65 EUR each… would i , could i , should i , … :wink:

UnlistedLeaf is an interesting case. He has well over 1,000,000 subscribers on YouTube so he has a vast, vast audience. He has a lot of power in the hobby because almost anything he says goes. Out of a million people, there will be thousands that will make purchases he recommends. Watch some of his videos and notice how he says every card is “the rarest card ever.” I understand the purpose of this kind of exaggeration, but I find it unnecessary. He can swing the entire “serious market” when he goes into more exclusive products like Japanese sets. I don’t give a shit about him encouraging the consumption Evolutions boxes, but when the strange crossover happens and causes an abrupt shift to solely second-hand sales (again, the case with the CP sets, Battle Festa, and now (it seems) Best of XY), it negatively affects the hobby in my opinion. Keep in mind that his viewers are children. Why the hell else would you watch a 20 minute opening of a box you can get for $85 free shipping? It’s because he brings you close to the experience of opening one yourself. Not even I have a reliable source of income as I am also a kid. Kids half my age certainly cannot make purchases of that size. When they can, they will buy what he recommends.

On an unrelated note, his voice with his accent makes me uncomfortable. Australian guys with really deep voices (I know nothing about the regional dialects down there) sound really good to me, but he sounds strange to me. Not like he can control it, though.


Where did you get the ó from? It’s Pokémon, not Pokemón. I had to stop and think for a minute about that lol.

What are you talking about?

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Just purchased 2 of them, going to open one and set one aside

Unlistedleaf didn’t have anything to do with the best of XY prices. They were already increasing in price before his video was uploaded. Its a neat set similar to CP4 so people were already hyped and buying it up.

Oh yeah fore sure it’s a good set independent of him, it’s just that he certainly has the power swing these sets.

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I struggled really hard to sell my excess CP4 at release after I had completed the set.

Now I’m unwilling to part with my excess due to the continual price rise lol

I can see this set doing the exact same thing.

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Last few days ebay was full of the booster boxes, I wakeup this morning and there is not much left! Glad I grabbed a couple when I did.

As far as I know this isn’t a limited time only thing so I wouldn’t worry about getting them right away. There’s an initial hype like with all new sets but it’ll probably die down. I’m fiending to open some boxes but the only cards I really care about are the gold border full arts and maybe the full art zygarde so I probably won’t be buying these boxes.