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I was planning to buy a few CP6 boxes from amazon as I saw they were $40 shipped, and was wondering if they would still be 1st edition. I haven’t seen anything about unlimited boxes, but just want to make sure as I feel like $40 is pretty cheap for these. Is there any other reason why they would be in this price range? I am new to japanese sets/ investing in pokemon, which is why I am asking. Thank you for your time!


Don’t think there was ever an unlimited print run for these. They’re being sold cheaply probably because the demand for CP6 has gone down now that it’s been out for a few months.

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My guess the cheap price is due to people needing to unload it for inventory space since its not as profitable right now.

They’re all 1st edition, $40 is retail so not cheap either

I thought they were cheap due to a second wave of product, becayse the price was slowly rising after release for a bit, and then came back down

It doesn’t hurt to have a few sealed however, the set was overly saturated. Instead, I focused on staff and prerelease, variances and some autographed cards :blush:

Dont forget good ol’ charizard :blush: No one can have too many good ol’ charizar…HOLY S***! 725 PSA 10s already???

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I would say this is a good guess. Up until CP6 all the CP sets were limited print runs. With CP6 this changed and they have obviously had multiple print runs without changing the 1st edition to unlimited. Free up some money to buy into something that will actually make you some money. At the time it seemed like a safe bet.

So would you say not to buy a few boxes and just put my money somewhere else? Maybe like the Mario Pikachu boxes or the BOXY boxes?

Best of xy to my knowledge is not getting another print run, to put in terms of another product its literally the premium japanese collection boxes that are now going for $150-200. I could see this growth if not a little more within a year, probably the best sealed product you could go after in this climate.

Can you actually sell them at that price? I see non sold on Ebay. In Japan they are $150 or so. So much value is in the trainers I can’t see them be worth opening for anyone overseas.

As to the previous question. I like the Mario box, but what are you going to pay for them, something like $60-$70 shipped? I think the real money has been made on them, sure they might go up another $20 or so. The Pretend Magikarp Gyarados Pikachu has stalled on price, actually down a bit. I found a few in my closed 6 months or so ago and sold them for more than they are selling for now, not including the super high priced ones that aren’t selling. I was also selling them faster as I was selling 1 a week let alone other sellers. $120 plus $20 shipping. That box has 2 full arts vs a full art and a foil for the Mario Pikachu box.

What is BOXY boxes?

The best of XY is probably pretty good, bit late as prices are up, but it seems like no reprint is coming. I still worry a bit about moving them to in the non Japanese market when they increase in value too much. But hey, I am in Japan so probably wrong about the overseas market for these products. I am basing this on a quick eBay look an thinking you will be paying around $65-$70 shipped.

Even the 15th Ann boxes have stalled and selling around the same price as 2 years ago.

My advice for you when it comes to investing.

Don’t be in a hurry to invest your money. You will end up buying into bad products. Wait for something good to come out and buy when you can get in cheap.

I am in Japan so fees are a bit different but on eBay without a store and low volume aren’t you paying something like 13% after eBay/PayPal. Losing out on that first increase really seems to make it hard to make money.

I think $120 or so is the limit for the boxes, before shipping, at least for a reasonable hold time. And that is for 2 full arts in the box. Mario if it was both in the same box maybe a bit higher, but I think 1 full art is probably $75-$80 ish. Maybe Mario can hit $100.

If you can move no fees for eBay prices I would probably buy a couple of each, Mario and the Best of XY. Otherwise I would wait for the next good, and I want to stress good box set, or the next CP like box set, whatever they are going to call them for Sun Moom Era, and again make sure it looks good.

Example of bad- The Vulpix box set, no full arts= way less demand.

I could be completely wrong, but I feel like the Plasma Freeze sets in Japan had a large print run. The box price seems low for how good a set it was at the time, and other boxes right before it. Also had a good variety of Shinies including ultra ball, and FA juniper

To add perspective, the FA Mega Charizard from Evolutions has a higher population in PSA 10.

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Charizards amirite :laughing:

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