Mega powers collection booster boxes

Open it or leave it sealed? - Which is the better investment and will this box/cards be worth a lot in the future


The game has changed, literally anything you kept sealed from 5+ years ago was a good investment in pokemon.

Now everything is super saturated, and could take forever to sell out at retail price. I can buy them at $35 shipped in Bulk, but I should have pre-ordered out the pieces if I wanted to do that.

I never understand what people are trying to get at, when they ask, “open it or leave it sealed”. The ONLY time it could ever be worth more Open is if you grade the cards PSA 10, which is extremely unlikely with English product. You can always open it later, you can never reseal it up, so unless you piece it apart and make enough profit that its worth your time, there is no reason to open it as an investment.

Could be worth a lot in the future, I think this is better than any non Generations sealed product released in the last year, it does take up a lot of space though, and probably costs a bit to ship…

Hmm agreed on the saturation part but it might just be me but in the UK this box sold out straigt away and you can only really buy this box at a higher price on ebay. Any clues on the print run numbers on this set?

Well if it sold out so fast then distributors are gonna call up TPCi for more product. MORE BOXES!!!

Distributor I know sold out of their order, but mentioned right away they could order more no problem. Unfortunately half of my order is coming from Cali and the other half from NY which is slightly frustrating since it’s not arriving on release. Promos are already selling close to the $35 mark mentioned above. Plus you get 8… EIGHT packs.

What’s everyone’s thought’s on Zygarde EX? I think he looks like Zurg from Toy Story. Him & Jolteon FA made me take the risk.

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Yeah I’ve seen the four FA cards being listed close to the price of the whole box, therefore the 8packs and jumbo cards are bonuses. Hopefully this print run will not be the evolutions box set

Oh but it will, Pokemon knows they can print this forever and people will keep buying it. Look how saturated the Crappy EX Boxes are, with regular set Ex card that we already have. Then there is this, a “Mega Collection Box” with 4 Textured Full arts, which could see some play too. I think these will be easy to buy until Christmas, because printing these is like printing money for tPCI

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