Taiwan PokePark Promos

Hi guys.

A recent post reminded me to chase up a lead I had on these (never before seen?) Chinese promos. I now have them.

BUT…I’d like your help with this…as I’m a bit stumped.

From my searches online, these appear to come from random sets, which were then printed in the POP promo series? So these correlate to the PokePark blue folder that was available at the PokePark in Japan, yet they have the numbering of their POP series counterparts. They don’t have the PokePark promo symbol, and some of them are alternative prints. So though they match the Pokemon represented in the Japanese folder…they aren’t the same cards. Even more interestingly - none of these are holo.

The guys I got them from attended the PokePark in Taipei in 2006. He says that you got a random card each time you came to the park. He went every day until he got a full set. I’m a bit confused as to whether this really is a full set, as the numbers don’t match up at the bottom.

Could you guys help me shed some light on what all of these cards are?

I’m going to get these to BGS if possible!

edit: forgot Celebi


Interesting. Do these cards have English or Japanese backs?

Western backs, same as Chinese ex legend maker.

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Really cool stuff, you could almost say “Frankenstein of Pokemon tcg” because it has been stitched together from so many sets. :grin:

I know the championship arena was given out at worlds in 2005 but someone do correct me if im wrong but didnt they give one out to each person who qualified for worlds and in their native language?

as for the other cards i know majority are from various POP packs and none were holo but they did do special holo versions in various blister packs later on.but the jirachi and celebi were in the movie dvd’s.

the pokepark promo ride ones had a logo on the card of the specific ride it was designated to and there were 13 of them if you count the lucario. the ones in the folder depending on which one out of the 9 cards in the folder 3 out of the 9 were holo. the blue folder had lugia, ho-oh, and rayquaza holo while the other 6 like the entei raikou and suicune were not.green folder had pikachu torchic and munchlax holo.

I think that the ones you have are the POP ones that i guess were given out like back in the old ex days going to the leagues. I dont think taiwan did get the pokepark files in their park since in japan they were limited to only 1000 for the entire months span they opened


Don’t think so, French German Spanish etc. of Championship Arena doesn’t exist.

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I need these soooo bad. Pikachu would make my year


Sorry but it’s unlikely I’ll ever be parting with these!

I understand. Please think of me when you find another one.


Yeah, throw me in line if you find a third… Damn, I was hoping there wouldn’t be other Chinese pikachu cards because they’re so hard to find…


If you find another set, put them on eBay auction. Then we will figure it out. Too many of us want the set.

Plus, an auction might earn you enough on this specific item to pay for the time of hunting them. :stuck_out_tongue:

That has to be the most diplomatic approach to saying: Let me buy these from you!

Ha, seriously though, I think I’ll get these graded before ever considering selling them. That would make them truly special.

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Did bgs seem willing to grade more cards in other languages? Might be a little market they can tap into there with grading foreign non base set cards, though only a tiny market I imagine.

They were pretty quick to agree to grade my EX Legend stuff. I’m currently talking to them about this set of promos. They want scans before they can make a decision…but should be soon!

As for other languages - no harm in trying - give them an email!

This could be monumental in the grading scene. Maybe PSA won’t follow suit, but if BGS goes for grading sets in foreign languages with little documentation I have a feeling value in those cards may restored a little as they’re “officially recognized” by a grading authority. I would love (though it would cost me a small fortune) to grade my entire Pikachu collection just for the sake of protection - PSA is not an option currently as approximately half the collection is in a language other than English or Japanese.

I just got a reply back from BGS after working with them on verifying these (including translated emails from the official Taiwanese distributors!)

They will grade these for me too! BOOOOOM


This guy is on fireee!

With this pace you will have all chinese cards as graded versions.

It is done. Except non holo rares and commons and uncommons. Too expensive to grade all those yo. Maybe one day.

BUT the main thing is. These PokePark promos will likely never go above a POP one. The odds of anyone else ever finding these promos, in tact, and in a full set. Nee chance!

edit: 'pologies for coming across boastful. I don’t want to be that guy. Just excited.

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These were handed out to kids at the poke park in Taiwan though…at a time when cards weren’t collected…I reckon most got thrown away!