Help me identify more japanese cards/weird promos!

Since my last thread was a huge success and people were super helpful, I decided to ask again. I found some more promos and hopefully you guys can help me identify them!

That 2nd picture should be of the PokePark cards from PCG

The first picture is a Japanese Information pack Ponyta. The 4th of 4 volumes released in 2001. VOL 1 card was Dunsparse, VOL 2 was Bellossom, & VOL 3 was Lapras

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Nice thanks! The Gyarados just seems to be a standard japanese Gym Challenge Gyarados. The Mewtwo is a Great Rocket’s Mewtwo, apparently packed in with a Gameboy promotional thingie. The Deoxys is very interesting and just called Lenticular Deoxys. Rayquaza+Dialga are nothing special apparently. Both the Venusaur seem to be Expedition 1st Edition Venusaurs. Typhlosion as well. Jirachi is from a PLAY Promo. The Pikachu is a 2005 WHF Promo. Mudkip, Grovyle and Combsuken seem to be from a japanese McDonalds PCG-P Promo. The odd looking Mewtwo is still confusing me, it’s a Meiji Card, but pretty rare to find, as “Meiji Mewtwo” just results in tons of other Meiji cards that are not this one. The other is a Rocket’s Mewtwo from the Gym set, in japanese. Dark Ivysaur is apparently a “Best of Game 6” promo. The Dark, Metal and Electric Energy are just some random holo energy’s that seem to be nothing special at all.
The Cyclone, Boost and Warp Energy seem to be another PLAY Promo.

The only other thing I’m stumped on are the remaining 3 Energy Cards, all with the expedition border. I’ve seen them labeled different things (Battle Road, Battle Festa), but was unable to find them on Bulbapedia.

This is the “odd looking Mewtwo” I was refering to. o:

The 3 remaining Energy cards are Battle Road Summer Gift Card promos, released in 2002. Crystal Energy 39/P, Boost Energy 40/P, Warp Energy 41/P…all are holos. By the way, there are less than 10 PSA 10`s of each

Believe the odd Mewtwo is from the 1997 Meiji set